Commuter Trains Collides in Connecticut

commuter train crash Around 6:10 p.m. EDT Friday, a commuter train heading for New York derailed, and collided with a west bound train near Bridgeport Connecticut.  The second train was on its way to New Haven.

Authorities are reporting 49 injuries, 4 are in critical condition.

Passengers and Metro-North agents reported several bloody and injured passengers.

The west bound train was totally evacuated after a call came through the nearly full train for “all doctors up front”.  Brian Alvarez, who saw the wreckage, described the scene as “pretty graphic.”

“I saw this one car and it was completely destroyed and they were pulling people out of the car,” Alvarez said. “And they had broken limbs and they were all bloody.”

Amtrak has announced that all train service between New York and Boston will be suspended until further notice.  Bridgeport is about 60 miles northeast of New York City on the Long Island Sound.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch told News12 that damage to the tracks and the ongoing investigation could potentially disrupt transit in the area for days or even weeks.

About 112,000 people ride Metro-North trains on the New Haven Line daily, the MTA says. The line runs along a 74-mile stretch from New Haven, Connecticut, to Grand Central Station in New York City.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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