Democrats Want Obama Impeached

The multiple scandals the Obama Administration is juggling is taking a toll on his base, and the rest of the country too. In the latest polls they show that over 55% of Americans want Obama Impeached and that includes 25%-30% of Democrats who have taken a break from drinking the koolaid. I know it must be tough for the other Democrats who still support Obama, trying so hard to believe lies a ten year old can see through. I wonder if those Democrats really believe the outrageous stories Obama makes up, or if they are just giving him a pass because he is half black and they don’t want to be called a racist. Everyone knows that if you say anything critical of the Obama Administration you will be called a racist by Chris Matthews. Speaking of Chris Matthews, it seems he has lost that thrill of a feeling up his leg, he actually said something critical of Obama on his show so by his own definition, Chris Matthews is a Racist. There you have it, Chris Matthews is a racist but I think we already knew that.

I have been trying to imagine what the media would have done if the President was a Republican. The truth of the matter is that a Republican would not have made a secret deal with the terrorists. Let’s just say that if this many scandals had broke out in a Republican Administration the Press would be on it in a heartbeat. The Press would accuse the President of criminal activity. Benghazi would have been the headline story for months. The IRS story would be talked about nightly and the President would be accused of using the IRS to punish his enemies. The AP story would likely be even more outrageous as the Press would accuse the President of ignoring the Constitution for political gain. The Republican President would have resigned by now because the Press would be on him like a dog with a bone.

Therefore we are looking at a double standard,as if we didn’t already know that, as the Press is vigilant when a Republican is in office, but a Democrat gets a pass every time. The only time the Press is critical of a Democrat President is when the American people, and 25% of Democrats, can see through the smoke screens and the outrageous lies the President wants us to swallow. The only solution to get the Press to do their jobs is to elect a Republican. The Press would then be redeemed and they would be very critical of the Republican, even if he is black, and they would not be called a racist. The Democrats would be racist against a black Republican President because racism is in their nature. Yes it is true, even as blacks flock to the Plantation to be slaves to the Democrats, the Democrats are a racist institution and you can learn more by reading my article “Blacks Should be Republicans”. You can source the article by clicking my name at the top of this page.

I do not know if any of these multiple scandals will hurt the President, they call him the Teflon President because he gets away with everything. History will not be kind to President Obama as many truths will come out in years to come. After time, the current crop of Obama lap dogs will die off and all their will be left are facts. History will prove that Obama was not eligible to be President, that he made a secret deal with terrorists, that he won by cheating the vote, and that his Administration lied and twisted facts to benefit itself and the Press was on board to cover up lies and ignore facts. The truth will finally be known but we will all be dead by then. The only place kids will be able to learn the truth is in the library because school teachers will still be trying to mold them into Progressive Democrats just like today. I recall when I was in public schools and the teacher mentioned the roaring 20’s saying that people were drunk and partying all the time and thank God for Roosevelt. When I asked how did the roaring 20’s become and can we do that again to spur our economy. The teacher said it will not be on the test. When I pressed harder saying I would still like to know even though I will not be tested on it, she sent me to the Principals office. I later went to the County Library where I learned that the President back then cut spending by 50% and cut taxes by 50% and that resulted in the economy skyrocketing. I look at the President today and he is doing the opposite, he is raising taxes and raising spending and that is why this economy is going down.Yes, I know the Press and the President have been telling us the Economy is getting better, they have been saying that for the past three years but it is just another lie.

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  1. randy rose   May 26, 2013 at 4:48 am

    I wrote this article but the publisher does not want to pay me so he changed the name to albert who will get paid for my work

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