Diaz Suspension Comes at Bad Time for UFC


Outspoken lightweight Nate Diaz has finally gone too far for President Dana White, and as a result has been suspended indefinitely. With the UFC finally beginning to be accepted as a mainstream sport, the last thing White needed was a derogatory slur to be posted by a fighter on social media. The aforementioned tweet was directed towards bantamweight Brian Caraway, where Diaz called him “the biggest f– in the world.”

Diaz comment was spurred by lightweight Pat Healy’s forfeiture of $130,000 of bonus money due to a positive test for marijuana. Diaz, a medical marijuana card holder, and advocate, has been in his share of trouble in the past due to positive drug tests. He began his Twitter rant by saying that “[he] feel(s) bad for Pat Healy that they took an innocent man’s money.” Caraway, received $65,000 of the forfeited money due to his winning the submission of the night honors for his guillotine choke on Johnny Bedford, has vocalized his opposition to marijuana use, providing Diaz with motivation for his attack.

This was the last thing that Dana White needed. With events regularly on FOX and their networks FX and Fox Sports 1, the UFC is seemingly overcoming its reputation as barbaric and becoming a widely accepted sport for the first time. This tweet did nothing but hurt the reputation of the UFC and as a result White tweeted the punishment, saying “”He will be cut or fined for that tweet. [Expletive] ridiculous.”

The suspension of Diaz was justified, and may not be harsh enough. The insensitivities of his words show that he does not have anywhere near the maturity that being in the spotlight requires. Children are certainly looking up to these fighters due to their prominence in the spotlight, making such comments intolerable. Unless the outspoken fighter can change his ways in a hurry, he may have fought his last fight under the UFC banner.

Written By: Charlie Gille
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