Dog Ownership – Heart healthy, but can they also help you find Love?

Recent studies show that owning a dog can help you have a healthier heart, but can they also help you find love?

Those who own dogs are already less inclined to stress, more active and emotionally available overall compared to their non-pet owner counterparts.  This is a great start when it comes to finding that special significant ‘other’.

Ever seen the ‘Dog Whisperer’ with Ceasar Millan?  Well, he is a big believer in dogs helping their humans find love.  He states “Dogs live in an instinctual world and their instincts are more sensitive than humans. Dogs can read a person’s energy. They know when energy is compatible and when it’s not.”  You know instantly when someone meets your dog if your dog likes them or not.  This can be a great indicator if that person would be compatible with you, since dogs tend to reflect their owners emotions and needs.

So how can dogs help us find potential partners?  Well, for one thing, dog walks are better than walks alone for meeting people.  According to a study, 46% of women are more likely to talk to someone with a ‘cute dog’; 56% of men reported that having a dog was a ‘fool-proof babe magnet’.  Having a dog there to cut down on that awkward feeling can help with breaking the ice.

Be aware that the breed you choose can say a lot about you.  A survey done by Kloof, a mobile app for pet lovers, reports that you can’t go wrong with golden retrievers, which are apparently loved by men and women alike.  The survey reports the top breeds to attract a male partner are: the German shepherd, golden retriever, Lab, huskies and finally French bull dogs.  To attract women the order of preference is:  golden retriever, Lab, Chihuahua, poodles and then beagles.

The Dog whisperer encourages those who are seeking love, reminding- “For right or wrong, people who love animals believe they can trust a fellow animal lover, so it makes introductions easier.”  Plus, if you are willing to trust another person in one area of life – like the ability to care for an animal – you are more likely to trust this person in other areas of life as well.   Trust is not an easy thing to come by these days, and according to the ‘experts’, trust is based on expectation.  To the degree you believe you can expect a certain response from someone, you trust them.  In return, to the degree you believe the ‘other’ will reciprocate a certain response sometime in your future, you trust them.  With dog ownership, this is sort of built-in, as you know you can trust the other owner to care for their dog, and most likely, yours too.

Dog ownership makes you less prone to depression and more likely to experience laughter, playfulness and exercise.  Having a dog for even a short time before meeting your partner can help prepare you to share your life and space with someone else.  Since dogs are great providers of unconditional love and friendship, they are the perfect preparatory partner for someone who has had a hard time opening up to love in their life.  Dogs tend to lighten the mood, soften the heart and build the confidence needed to take on social interaction, health and expressed vitality.

So, if you aren’t a dog owner already and are considering becoming one, maybe borrow a neighbor’s dog for a few hours a day, just to try it on.  When you are ready to commit, visit your local animal shelter and adopt a dog – there are so many waiting for good homes from someone just like you.

Most importantly, realize that when you are ready for love, that on some level, love is ready for you.  Opening your heart and home to a dog can prepare you for even bigger opportunities for love, including lasting friendships, and hopefully, that perfect mate.

Written by: Stasia Bliss


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