Watch the New The World’s End Trailer Here

We don’t know about you, but here at The Guardian Express we got pretty excited when we heard about the existence of a new trailer for the last of the Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright “Shaun of the Dead” Trilogy. You can watch the new The World’s End trailer below and hopefully feel the same rush of adrenalin and increased heart rate that we did.

While Pegg is joined by his fellow Shaun of the Dead and the Hot Fuzz film’s creator pal who between them both have made movies that have taken the public by storm. He and his fellow player Nick Frost aren’t playing the same characters; Simon was Shaun in the first film of Shaun of the Dead and he played Nicolas Angel in Hot Fuzz. Frost played the eternal loser Ed in Shaun and the police chief’s son in Fuzz. Different they may be, but they are playing the same type of characters and Paddy Considine from Hot Fuzz and Martin Freeman from Shaun and Fuzz are back as well.

The Pegg, Frost and Wright trilogy started with the monster hit, Shaun of the Dead which introduced the style of the three men and their collaborative efforts that shows signature film themes that are present in all their films. Wright uses themes from other iconic film genres and parodies them in his own.

The loud sounds that come before any action scene are just one examle. For instance, the overly loud sounds of Shaun’s zipper and movements while he is in the bathroom; the sounds of the pints of beer being poured in the pub. These are just two signature themes that Wright and Pegg have used in their films.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg write the films and they first started their collaborative efforts when they worked on their first project together, the television show Spaced. The two work well together and almost all of their films have resulted in comedy gold, if not platinum.

Now with The World’s End we can see the pairs own signature themes that were started in the first film and are now present in all their films. The jumping scenario, whether it be over a hedge or a fence; the car scenario, first introduced in Hot Fuzz, and most importantly the Pub scenario, which was the main theme of the first film (apart from the zombies) and a recurring one in Hot Fuzz.

The plot of The World’s End has a group of friends who are trying to recreate an epic pub crawl on the anniversary of the original journey years before. They didn’t finish the first one and so missed the last pub on their list, The World’s End. Now while they attempt to recreate and finish the tour, they find out that the citizen’s of the village that houses the pub have undergone a disturbing change.

It is a film that could be described as George Romero’s zombies ¬†meets Don Siegel’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It looks to the the gleaming jewell in the crown of the trio’s trilogy of films. Familiar scenes, characters, and a continuation of what made the first two films so great will guarantee that this finale of the trilogy will go out with a bang.

The World’s End is due out August this year.

By Michael Smith


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