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After all the devastation that last Monday’s villainous tornado has left behind there is a story that should get noticed by all of us. Rhonda Crosswhite a sixth grade teacher at Plaza Towers Elementary in Moore, Oklahoma, didn’t think twice when she decided to risk her own life in order to protect her pupils. With this incredibly brave and inspiring action she has prevented her pupils from getting seriously injured by the tornado. She is now considered a true Oklahoma hero.

On Tuesday Rhonda was on the Today show and she explained the situation to Savannah Guthrie as follows: “I was in a bathroom stall with some kids and it just started coming down, so I laid on top of them. One of my little boys just kept saying, ‘ I love you, I love you, please don’t die with me’ But we’re okay, we made it out.”

The children that were in Rhonda’s care all survived only one had a cut to the head, a minor injury. Rhonda herself sustained some minor injuries as well but she considered those as being irrelevant, because it could have been much worse.

Crosswhite wanted to add a few more things: “I never thought I was going to die, the whole time I just kept screaming to them, ‘ Quit worrying, we’re fine, we’re fine.’ And I’m very loud, so I just hoped they could hear me, because I could hear them screaming. One girl, she’s in my homeroom, was sobbing and I was like. ‘ We’re going to be fine, we’re going to be fine, I’m protecting you.’ And then I said a few prayers.’ God please take care of my kids.’ And we’re fine.”

Celebrities are trying to help out as well. Even though hero status won’t be available to them this time, Rhonda Crosswhite deserves that title more than they do it’s still good to know that Celebrities are willing to help out.

Here are some of their contributions:

  • Tuesday night, Blake Shelton, born and raised in Oklahoma had to get support from his significant other Miranda Lambert  as the duo lead the opening ceremony for the Voice. The results of that show would be revealed that evening but at that moment there was nothing more important then honoring the victims of the tornado of last Monday. It was a touching and memorable tribute.


  • During the Dancing with the stars finale Tom Bergeron did as for a moment of silence, in order to realise what has really happened this Monday, who we have lost far too soon and what will be left. He then asked the public to give a big applause to show appreciation for the first responders.


  • President Obama kept it short but profound and uplifting: “We’re a nation that stands with our fellow citizens.”

We could continue the great movements that have been put in motion by hero Rhonda Crosswhite, the singing of Blake Shelton and his partner Miranda, the moment of silence initiated by Tom Bergeron and the powerful words of Obama, lets stand together:

GlobalGiving is raising funds for emergency supplies for victims, as well as longer-term relief and rebuilding efforts. Donate online or text GIVE OK to 80088 to donate $10 to GlobalGiving’s Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund. Message and data rates may apply. Terms: mgive.org/t

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