Eruption of Mayon Volcano Kills Three German Tourists

Eruption of Mayon Volcano Kills Three German Tourists
Based on the local government’s official statement, the victims of the Mayon volcano eruption were identified as three German tourists and a guide from the Philippines.

Thick smoke was still soaring about 500 feet and complicated the search for survivors. Local police, according to Inspector Renato Bataller continued to search.

Seven people were injured. Four of the wounded came from Thailand.

The information about the three German’s that had died was obtained from a tourist named Marti Calleja from Australia.

According to Calleja: “The stones were about the size of a dining table, then fell on us…, There was no time for all of us to save ourselves” reported by AFP.

The Mayon volcano is located 330 km from the capital of Manila.

The volcano has a history of devastating eruptions throughout Philippine Islands’ history.

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