Eva Longoria Naked Bottom Bits At Cannes

Ex-Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria must have been a bit chilly on Saturday night when she hit the red carpet. Cannes inclement weather had her grabbing her dress and hiking it up to avoid getting it ruined by the nasty downpour of rain during the event when; whoops! Her naked bottom bits came clearly into view.

Looks like Eva must have been running late for the ceremony because she’d forgotten to put on any underwear! Her “commando” appearance was “snapped” up by the paparazzi, but we here at the Guardian Express would like to spare the beautiful Eva her blushes.

“Commando” Longoria  who was there for the premiere of Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian) starring Benicio del Toro wasn’t phased by her wardrobe “malfunction” and she had a good laugh at herself the very next day on Twitter when she tweeted a picture of the dress she would be wearing on her next red carpet appearance.

She tweeted, “Here’s my dress for tonight! No wardrobe malfunctions tonight!!!”

But Eva is not the only gal to have wardrobe problems at Cannes. The gorgeous Rosario Dawson just joined the ranks of the “designer dress malfunction league of Cannes.”

The Sin City star went to another premiere at the the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival on Monday to see As I Lay Dying, like Ms Langoria she also got a little too carried away as she did her Norah Desmond Sunset Boulevard impression, “I’m ready for my close-up Mr DeMille.”

As Rosario flowed down the red staircase the 34 year-old vision of loveliness apparently wanted to show her fellow flasher Eva what underwear actually looks like. Specifically what Rosario’s looked like.

One of the dangers of wearing an extreme thigh high slitted dress is that those things shift at the worst possible moment. Rosario was completely unaware that her designer dress had slightly shifted and the ever present paparazzi were only too happy to photograph the event for posterity.

But underwear aside, ahem, Ms Dawson looked stunning in her white Elle Saab gown that had a matching neckline that, luckily for her, did not reveal more than she intended.

Current hot property Jennifer Lawrence could have joined this illustrious list of Cannes wardrobe mishaps when she and Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth, were almost hit by a flaming candled column at their earlier event spectacular for their next Hunger Games film Catching Fire. While, thankfully, both of them utilised the quick, and youthful, reflexes to avoid getting beaned by the flaming pole, it could have ended not just badly but painfully.

And after looking at the dress that Ms Lawrence was wearing to the “beach party” event, if the flames had gotten too close, Jennifer’s wardrobe could have been “Catching Fire” as well. With an end result of showing the world what her X-Men Mystique body looks like sans blue makeup.

Eva isn’t the only star who has had commando problems. Anne Hathaway accidentally flashed her bare bottom bits at the New York premiere of Les Misérables. Britney Spears has seemed to always be “sans underwear” but she usually saved those “flashes” for getting out of cars… A lot.

With all these malfunctions of the embarrassing sort, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Cannes red carpet for the rest of the event.

By Michael Smith


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  1. Michael Smith   May 22, 2013 at 7:58 am

    Wow! I wish I’d been there for that one!


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