Extreme Weight Loss Season 3 premiere a tearjerker


Extreme Weight Loss  Season 3 premiered tonight (8 p.m. ET, ABC ). The contestants were the twins, David and Rebecca Nielsen. The two-hour episode was a tearjerker. It followed the twins for an entire year as they strove to loss enough weight to qualify for stomach surgery to remove folds of skin.

The first hour was spent documenting the first 90-day period of the twin’s weight loss program. Host Christopher Powell and his wife, Heidi, worked with the pair as they strove to lose a combined weight of 200 pounds within the first 90 days.

David and Rebecca were successful at doing this, and David was helped by his father, as well as Chris. He had always wanted his father’s support and love, but David felt that he wasn’t living up to his father’s standards.

When David’s father showed him the room he’d repainted and stocked with exercise equipment, it marked a turning point in their relationship. It was one of the many emotional moments in the program, guaranteed to bring the Kleenex box out.

Though the twins did well the first 90 days, they began to fall back into their old ways. They had always enabled each others’ eating habits, relying on food as an emotional crutch.

Christopher Powell thought up the show’s biggest milestone challenge to date. He decided that the twins would benefit from participating in a Kokoro training camp. It’s the same sort of rigorous training that Navy SEALS go through during “Hell Week.”

David and Rebecca struggled, and Rebecca had a moment when she struggled for breath, and emergency personnel had to come over to check her out. Her brother was worried that she’d had to quit, and had decided to quit on her own; but, she resolved to finish the Kokoro training and they both made it through successfully.

Then, David began to slack off. He would still exercise some, but for not as long as his sister. She didn’t like it that he was eating in front of her and she thought that it wasn’t fair of him to bring junk food into the house they were staying at.

David acted as if he didn’t care about what Rebecca said. He told her that he would keep on eating like he had been doing, and training for juist an hour or so a day.

When it came time to weigh them again, neither made the desired weight loss goal. However, a doctor said that David was a good candidate for the surgery.

He thought that it was a shoe-in that if he was a good candidate, that Rebecca also would be — but, the doctor said that she still needed to lose more weight.

This was yet another point during the show that was a tear-jerking moment, as David felt bad that he was a candidate, though his sister had worked harder than him to achieve her goal.

David underwent the surgery and continued losing further weight. By the time the pair had their final weigh-in, his sister had successfully lost enough weight that she also qualified for the surgery.

Overall, the show was a great beginning to the season. I can’t wait to see what other contestants will undergo on their weight loss journeys.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. sherry   May 29, 2013 at 9:25 am

    david would you please let me know the moto you wrote . something like you cant make others happy like a people pleaser you hade something written on your wall in the exersize room that your dad redid for you cant remember what it said i thought it was a very good moto please get back with me

  2. William L. Freeman   May 29, 2013 at 2:59 am

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