Guantánamo Bay Has Gotta Go Mr. President

Guantánamo Bay
Dear Mr. President,

First of all, I want to caveat the ensuing rant with a firm I UNDERSTAND. As in: I understand and respect how Guantánamo Bay came to be under United States control and why, at times in our nation’s history, it was necessary for us to maintain national security operations there.

That said, Guantánamo Bay gotta go. I am writing from personal experience when I insist that the overall treatment of prisoners at Gitmo is highly unethical and must come to a stop at the earliest practical. I was not, nor have I ever been, a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay itself, but I was held for nearly fifty hours as a “detainee”as part of the infamous 2004 “Guantánamo on the Hudson” fiasco. Mr. President, in case you don’t recall what resulted from the mass arrests that occurred based on “intelligence” accounts of suspected terrorism outside of the 2004 Republican National Convention, let me jog your memory:

1. The city unconstitutionally arrested more individuals than the NYPD could keep up with

2. Every heard of FILO (“First In Last Out”)? Well, I just made up the term because that’s what unfortunately happened in my scenario. Why, you might ask, was the term “Guantánamo on the Hudson” ever coined in the first place? Could it be because there is no probable cause whatsoever in claiming that a individuals on a crowded pedestrian street “acted as one” when the citizens who tried to obey police instructions wound up being several of the last ones released at City Hall?

Mr. President, in the wake of the Boston Bombings please take some time re-consider the value added to our Homeland Security strategy of Gitmo and similar places on a global scale. After all, if this doesn’t keep you up at night, what will?

Very Respectfully,
Wei-wei Wang

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