Gupta unauthorized Waterkloof base landing controversy continues

Gupta unauthorized Waterkloof base landing controversy continues

The never-ending saga surrounding the controversial unauthorized landing at Waterkloof base, Pretoria, South Africa on the 30th April 2013 by the Gupta family continues.

Two weeks after the initial uproar from the public and political parties of South Africa over the Gupta debate the matter remains unsolved and speculation is rife about who gave the clearance for this influential family to have access to a military airbase. After confirmation of the Gupta airplane landing, in South Africa, several high-ranking officials and police officers were immediately suspended.

The priority and urgency of the report currently investigated by senior director-generals remains a mystery. On May 3, a request for an investigation into this affair began. The long awaited report, which was expected to take 7 days to complete, was handed over to the minister for further discussions. The state security minister denies allegations that he intervened with the government investigation. He stated the report would be given to the relevant ministers to debate the matter and it is probably highly unlikely that the public would see the report. The ministers concerned would need to consider the seriousness of the contents of the report before it can become public, as there is a real chance that it could result in a breach of security for the country.

The Justice Minister said the director-generals met the 7-day target, amidst the controversy that it had not done so. He hinted it might not be made public. Opposition parties are insisting the public have access to the report.

President Zuma while addressing the people of Eldorado Park about his continued support into the drug situation this weekend, said parliament would debate the Gupta debacle in June. Meanwhile a spokesperson for the Gupta family said there would be no further comments until they receive the outcome of the final report. Again, they stated that they followed the correct procedure to obtain a clearance for the landing of their airplane at the Pretoria airfield.

Now it is a big maybe!

Written by – Laura Oneale

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