Kermit Gosnell gets life sentence

Kermit Gosnell gets life sentence

Kermit Gosnell gets life sentence

Kermit Gosnell a Philadelphia abortion doctor was sentenced Wednesday to a third life term sentence for an aborted baby the self-proclaimed pioneer doctor says was so big it could, “walk to the bus.” Dr. Kermit Gosnell was recently convicted of three babies that were born alive and afterwards he stabbed with scissors, two of those babies he received a life sentence and now today has received a third.

In 2011 a grand jury investigation was ordered on Gosnell for an alleged prescription drug trafficking which led to a FBI raid in. Where authorities found 47 aborted fetuses stored in clinic freezers, jars of tiny severed feet, bloodstained furniture and dirty medical instruments, along with cats roaming the premises.

Also, Dr. Gosnell was sentenced for the death of one of his patients in 2009 who died of an overdose, who was sedated by an untrained medical assistant. For this Gosnell received a prison sentence of 2 1/2 to five years. Making the sentences consecutive which now means that Gosnell who is 72 will spend the rest of his life in prison.

During trial prosecutors argued that Gosnell savagely killed late-term babies born alive by severing their spines and taught his staffers to do the same. Nine of his former staffers were convicted while four more pleaded guilty.

Despite his convictions Gosnell sees himself as a medical pioneer and tireless advocate for inner-city patients. His attorney argues that each of the babies that were aborted were not alive.

Though, according to testimony a Delaware teen carrying Baby A, whose death Gosnell was sentenced for on Wednesday, was nearly 30 weeks pregnant when Gosnell aborted her fetus. The second baby was said to be alive for about 20 minutes before it’s neck was snipped by a clinic worker. While a third baby was born in a toilet and was moving before a clinic worker severed it’s spinal cord.

A fourth baby let out a whimper before Gosnell cut the neck, prosecutors said. Gosnell was acquitted in that baby’s death, the only one of the four in which no testimony was giving for no one saw that baby killed.

“I wanted to be an effective, positive force in the minority community,” Gosnell told The Philadelphia Daily News in an interview in 2010. Gosnell also believed at the time that he would be “vindicated” of the allegations and during Wednesday’s sentencing accepted his sentence and choose not to address the judge.

The jury in the case took ten days before finding Gosnell guilty in the deaths of the late-term babies and found him complicit in the death of his 41-year old patient. Also, Gosnell was convicted for hundreds of abortion law violations because he performed illegal, third-term abortions or failed to counsel women and teens. Gosnell was also acquitted in the deaths of four other infants

Prosecutors sought the death penalty originally but it seemed unlikely he would ever be executed before his appeals ran out.

Through his attorney Jack McMahon, Gosnell accepts the verdict and is not sorry that it went to trial.

“He wanted this case aired out in a courtroom and it got aired out in a courtroom in a fair way. And now he’s accepting what will happen. He’s an intelligent guy,” McMahon said.

Gosnell will now plead to drug charges that are still pending, Gosnell’s clinic was not only an abortion clinic but also a pill mill for addicts.

Gosnell who according to his attorney say, “He’s a proud man. To bring his young family into court was something he did not want to do.”

Gosnell has six children, the youngest a teen born to his third wife who also pleaded guilty in the case.


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