Heidi Klum Commando and Topless Protestors (Video)

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has had an eventful week. Earlier this week she tripped and fell to her knees at a Toys R Us event with Steve Martin and Martin Short beside her and it looks like Heidi went commando that night, then on the Germany’s Next Top Model, several topless women rushed the stage as Heidi was doing the final spot of the show.

Germany’s Next Top Model staged the show’s finale on May 30. Heidi was hosting the show when two topless women rushed the stage in protest. The two bare women didn’t get a chance to say what their issue with Ms Klum was as they got bundled off the stage pretty quickly.

They did have written on their bare chests the phrase, “Heidi Horror Picture Show” in what looked like red lipstick.

The two “ladies” are allegedly from the feminist group Femen. A group that has targeted fashion shows in the past. But their “planned” protest ended as quickly as they got on the stage as security guards quickly removed the nearly nude ladies and Klum maintained her composure throughout the incident.

The women were rapidly escorted out, despite their struggles against the guards, and the show continued as planned.

In a week where Heidi Klum went obviously commando at one event and received topless protestors at another, the supermodel must have felt a bit dazed. But it appears that she wasn’t that fazed by the topless two-some that breached the stage at Germany’s Next Top Model.

Heidi didn’t even tweet about the incident when she got onto her Twitter feed later as she used the social network to thank South Korean singer Psy and Bruno Mars for their performances.

Ms Klum did mention the topless protest as she stood on the stage. The two half-naked women from FEMEN rushed the stage with their Heidi “hate message” across bare chests and Heidi ad-libbed, ”I have just been seeing boobies in front of me. Too bad it happened at this special moment!”

The FEMEN group stated on their NSFW Facebook page that, “The program format is pimp-show where world-famous supermodel Heidi Klum plays the role of ‘mom’ and forms a bevy of underage girls to fashion-fools….FEMEN regards the fashion industry as an element of pimp business and has consistently opposed the commercialization of the female body. …Fooled by fashion propoganda, failed by fashion models, women regularly join the ranks of sex workers, and psychiatric patients. Stop the fashion business! Stop Prostitution! The true mission of a woman is a revolution!”

The somewhat long winded message on why they felt the need to protest Heidi personally, seems to be completely disregarding her successes as a business woman, regardless of her involvement with a “pimp” business.

But while Ms Klum didn’t tweet anything about her half-naked protestors she did tweet earlier in the week about her apparent lack of underwear at a Toy’s R Us event.

The beautiful lady had seemingly decided that underwear would spoil the look of her sexy high slit KaufmanFranco dress at the Toys “R” Us Children’s Gala in New York on Thursday.

Whilst onstage with funny men Steve Martin and Martin Short (just a couple of wild and crazy guys – SNL) she tripped over and landed on her knees over a prostrate Short with her lack of underwear becoming a known thing.

But Heidi is a pro and she handled the fall in her stride and even tweeted a picture of the fall with the message, “No comment>”

We kind of thought that after Heidi Klum’s commando moment on Thursday that her topless protestors were actually trying to show their support of Heidi’s apparent “no underwear” policy. But alas that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you watch the video below, you can see that at least one of the women wasn’t very happy at all.

By Michael Smith


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