Jennifer Hudson Aims to Fill Judge Seat on American Idol

Jennifer Hudson aims to fill Judges seat on Idol
It looks like former finalist Jennifer Husdon aims to fill a judge’s seat on the 13th season of American Idol. The Hollywood Reporter has said that sources close to the show claim that Jennifer is in negotiations to be one of the three judges on the panel.

Vulture entertainment news has reported that Ms Hudson was in the running as part of an all-alumni panel, which would include season one winner Kelly Clarkson and quite probably Clay Aiken, the runner-up on season two and Celebrity Apprentice star. There has also been talk that one of the judges could be Adam Lambert, who came in second on season eight.

But it looks like at least one possible name linked to a judges seat, isn’t in the running. Kelly Clarkson’s rep told The Hollywood Reporter that, “Kelly will not be a judge on Idol.” Adam Lambert’s rep’s say that he hasn’t even been approached by the network brass to appear on the program as a judge.

Ms Clarkson, who will be marrying country singer Blake Shelton’s manager, Brandon Blackstock would most likely find it hard to film the show and no one from Lamberts camp have said that he would even be interested.

This isn’t the first time that the American Idol production group of FremantleMedia have considered having an all alumni version of the show. Apparently after low ratings at the end of the ninth season it was thought to be a great idea to have an “all-star” rematch. A competition where winners and former finalists would come back for a “Battle Royale” event where they would all compete for the crown again.

In light of the recent information that Jennifer Hudson is aiming to fill a judge’s seat on the 13th season of American Idol, it is somewhat ironic that when the idea of the “all-alumni” event was touted to all the possible entrants, the first person to say no, was Jennifer.

An even greater irony is the fact that Ms Hudson came in seventh place on season three and then turned around, and with no help from “Team Idol” nabbed her first Oscar two years later. Obviously the irony wasn’t wasted, as according to a “well-placed source” the idea for the all-alumni “mash-up” was binned.

New judges for the upcoming season are usually announced in September when the new year’s taped auditions start. The recent news that all four of the season 12 judging panel are being shown the door means that Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey are not going to be coming back. But despite the rumours of a panel wipe-out, the reality is that the only judge who has confirmed his departure has been Randy Jackson.

Officially speaking, no one else is slated to disappear for the new season, so Jennifer could be negotiating for the only vacant seat available.

Fox reality chief Mike Darnell spoke to The Hollywood Reporter as he was leaving his postion at the network. He spoke of the difficulties in finding “the perfect singing show Judge.” According to him, “If you’ve never done it before, we don’t know what we’re getting,” he said. “You might be great, you might be terrible. It’s a skill. … Everybody thinks they can do it but not everybody can.”

Darnell could not say whether Jennifer Hudson’s aims of filling a judge’s seat for season 13 of American Idol was a possibility or a “done deal.” I guess we’ll have to wait until either Jennifer or the American Idol folks make an “official” announcement.

By Michael Smith


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