Joe Biden Begins Presidential Run

There has been much speculation about the 2016 Presidential election.  Twenty years ago, there wouldn’t have been a great deal to talk about 3 and ½ years before the voting actually takes place.  On the Democratic side, the name Hillary Clinton is frequently spoken.  The vice-President, Joe Biden may have begun his own campaign to reside in the White House.

Already on the Republican side, there may be as many as six undeclared candidates.  And I’m certain there will be many more to come.

But for Democrats, only two names have been seriously considered.  Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic primary to Barrack Obama in 2008.  As Secretary of State during Mr. Obama’s first term, she was voted the most popular politician in America.  And polls show her approval has not diminished after the Benghazi hearings.

Several polling agencies have reported that, should she decide to run, she would defeat all of the assumed Republican candidates.  Another possible advantage may be her gender.  Women are becoming an increasing force in politics, and I, like many others, believe it may be time for the country to have a leader without a surplus of testosterone.

Vice-President Joe Biden previously made two bids for the White House, and was soundly defeated.  If he decides to attempt a third, this will undoubtedly be his final effort.

Neither of the two has committed to 2016, but Hillary already has at least two Super PACS at her disposal.

Actions by Joe Biden would seem to indicate that he is leaning towards the affirmative.  Looking at his appointment and travel calendars, he has been  contacting many of the right people in most of the right places.

South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Iowa are the first three states in the primaries.  In early May, he was in South Carolina.  In January, at his inaugural party, he invited close friends, family, and key Democrats from New Hampshire.  At the pre-inaugural party, he was seen spending much of his time with Iowa Democrats.

Recently he met with key delegates from African-American and Asian American organizations.

His friends are cautious.  Declaring a candidacy early, means Biden would be forever aligned with the policies of President Obama, popular or not.

“He has the experience, the relationships and at the right time obviously he’d make a wonderful president,” said Miami developer Michael Adler, Biden’s 2008 national finance chairman. “Right now, he’s totally focused on being the best vice president that he can be.”

Democrats are well aware that he still has a deep desire to sit in the Oval Office.

“They’re always looking at the landscape,” said Lou D’Allesandro, a veteran state senator and Democratic operative from New Hampshire who was invited to the vice president’s residence for the private swearing-in. “And I’ve got to assume he’ll be back.”

Biden has been a “totally involved” vice-President.  Unlike in the past, when FDR kept Harry Truman “out of the loop”, or JFK’s tendency not to include Lyndon Johnson in his decisions, Biden has been alongside the President during most serious issues.  He was given the task of attempting gun legislation after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

“His engagement, enthusiasm and energy is there,” said the Rev. Michael McBride, a California pastor who was among a group of faith leaders who met recently with Biden to hash out plans to keep pushing for new gun laws.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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