Justin Beiber attacked while performing in Dubai


Justin Beiber attacked while performing in Dubai

Pop star Justin Beiber was recently attacked by a fan while performing in Dubai. The pop star was in the midst of one of his songs, when a fan rushed him from behind as he was playing the piano.

Security was able to quickly grab the fan and escort off stage. As for the piano it had to be removed from the stage and shortly after Justin continued on with the show as if nothing occurred.

Also, while touring in Dubai Justin Beiber has been a bit of a headache for Dubai police and some of its residents. Justin has been seen racing his Lamborghini at 240 km, he canceled his police escort and arrived two hours late for his second show.
On another occasion while partying in Dubai, Justin bought out a section of a bar. He not only did not allow for other patrons to walk through but also did not allow the bar’s employees pass.

Later in the evening Justin left through the back where he was seen arguing with security and security cussing at Justin.

Before leaving there were five girls around wanting a photo and/or autograph but Justin brushed them off. Only giving them a quick wave as he pulled off.

As for Justin being arrested or gay well it appears to be fake. For the E! News’ Twitter and text message services were hacked on Saturday but have since been suspended.


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