Justin Bieber Most Followed Celebrity

Justin Bieber Most Followed Celebrity


Justin Bieber is Twitter’s most followed celebrity

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been said to be twitters most followed celebrity with over 38Millon followers and rising at every second.

Justin Bieber has sold-out concerts through out 2012 and still continuing in 2013.
Even though Justin has had a lot of pressure and loads of press approaching him, he just won’t give up and will never let his fans down.

Justin tweeted that he had a ‘rough week’ in London and that he would never come back. But don’t you believers believe he WILL come back, to see his London fans again?

Justin is a celebrity who has a lot of ‘haters’ against him, but as teens say ‘haters gone hate’ Justin can be hated as much as haters want, but their will be nothing ever that will stop motivating Justin to do what he likes best and stop believers loving who they love more.

Written by: Tatiana Correia

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