Afghanistan Roadside Bomb Kills Three British Soldiers

Roadside bomb kills 3 UK soldiers in Afghanistan
An incident killed three british soldiers during rolling out routine patrol by Mastiff at Nahr-e Saraj in Helmand province. They were the Royal Highland Fusiliers troops on the second battalion at the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Three british soldiers had already been deployed to help from Helmand Task Unit by air to The Military Hospital but their condition was weak and they did not survived for very long.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron had said: “The British have paid very high price in Afghanistan. I am in deep grief for all the families and friends of the deceased. This work is important because it is vital for that country to no longer be a haven for terrorists that could threaten us,” according to AP.

Richard Morgan Mayor also said : their death is a great lost for Helmand Task Unit and British soldier’s families.

Not only a third of british soldiers in the region have met such a fate, but also Afghanistan police and the civilians have died as a result of roadside bombs, which were planted by the Taliban militants.

Presently, there are still no parties named as responsible for the bomb attacks that had killed three British soldiers.


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