Justin Bieber We Have Got Your Monkey

We reported on the 15th of May this month about poor Mally Justin’s Monkey. Now German officials have “made it official” and flatly told Justin Bieber, “We have got your monkey,” pay your bill or we’ll keep him. German customs spokesman Thomas Meister said after offices opened following a holiday weekend that officials had still not received any documents from the Bieber camp. He then said the customs authority will formally transfer ownership of the animal to the German state on Tuesday.

German officials have told Justin Bieber, “Come and get your monkey.” They would also be very pleased if he picked the monkey up before midnight tonight or he could wind up paying his massive monkey rooming bill, before he can get his primate pal back.

Justin Bieber landed in Munich back on March 28th this year with his 20-month-old monkey, named Mally, who he insisted accompany him on his world tour. Despite being told about Germany’s strict quarantine rules and regulations, Justin insisted that his little buddy come with him.

This sign of devotion was rewarded by German authorities seizing the little capuchin monkey and putting him in “animal jail” for two months, which is the legal time required in quarantine for animals brought in from other countries.

A spokesman for Munich’s customs office says the cost of care, food and vet visits for capuchin monkey Mally is several thousand dollars.

Customs spokesman Thomas Meister says Bieber has until midnight Friday (tonight) to claim the monkey seized by authorities on March 28 when Justin failed to produce its papers after landing in Munich on tour.

Justin’s management company told the shelter to dump 20-week-old Mally at a local zoo, but custom’s officials say they have yet to receive a formal request to do so, either from Bieber or an authorised representative.

The shelter spokesman has said that the shelter doesn’t like the idea of putting the little 20-week-old monkey in a zoo. As they have genuine concerns about how well the little fellow would cope or adapt to being in with other monkeys who have not been domesticated for private ownership.

Historically it is a very psychologically stressful event for the animals who have to be re-integrated into their own world. With Mally being so young, it could cause a lot of long term mental damage that will affect the animals quality of life and his own well being. This would be on top of the already possible problems that Mally could have by being separated from other capuchin monkeys.

It appears that Mally was given to Justin as a 19th birthday present by music producer Jamal Rashid.

Since Mally’s been in the animal “big house” his only companions have been his carer Conrad Dressler and an old teddy bear that Justin gave him to play with. So it must be pretty scary for the little fellow in that big 10 by 16 foor room. One of the shelter’s spokesmen ,Judith Brettmeister, said: “Mally is lonely. He could suffer serious psychological problems if he doesn’t start living with other capuchin monkeys soon.”

Unfortunately for Mally, Justin forgot to collect him before he left Europe to go back to American.

Despite the rather amusing aspect that the story has generated over the last two month’s, it is obviously not bothering the 20-year-old singer that much. Bieber hasn’t released any statements about Mally’s problem and actually appears to have forgotten the little fella completely.

So poor Mally, who could be called “a pet for a day,” could wind up as an inmate in a local zoo with his owner Justin Bieber just a distant memory.

It looks like Mally the capuchin playmate of the Bieb’s is going to become a German “citizen” after all. Let’s hope that the little chap can learn to speak the local lingo in the zoo he winds up calling home and we are talking about Mally when we say little chap, not Justin Bieber. He can afford to hire a translater.

By Michael Smith


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