Kristen Stewart Home Alone As Robert Pattinson Moves Out

Kristen Stewart is doing her Macaulay Culkin impression and has been left “Home Alone” as her ex Robert Pattinson moves out of their shared house. The couple have been going through some pretty stormy times this year so far and matters came to head when Robert decided not to show up for Kristen’s birthday party that she threw for him.

Kristen was obviously upset but it seems like her fella “Cullen” take it anymore. He has been trying hard, poor guy, to cope with the fact that while Kristen was making Snow White and the Huntsman, she was making the director at the same time.

Now he’s apparently given up trying to deal and he decided he doesn’t need fifty ways to leave his lover; just one. He’s moving out.

And Kristen is really alone, because Robert was seen departing the shared abode in his pickup truck loaded down with trash bags, a bunch of suitcases, his bicycle and his two dogs.

His dogs dawg! Kristen won’t even have a canine left to remind her of Robert’s presence.

Pattinson didn’t take too long to make his “move” after the word hit the internet with all the speed of a runaway train about to crash. And like a train wreck, this very publicly stressed couple have crashed and burned. Chalk up another Hollywood relationship to that old ‘playing away from home’ thing that the denizens of the dream factory know so well.

Kristen was present while Rob packed up his stuff as he managed to look about as broody as his Twilight alter ego Cullen. But in this case, there was not a glitter in sight on his bearded countenance as he loaded his gear to depart the once happy home.

Sources have been saying that Kristen is devastated by their break-up and that she was “housebound” for days. Other sources are saying that this is a “Robert shock tactic” meant to prove just how upset he is and that he and his pooches may still move back in.

It seems a little unlikely to us. We think that Robert got tired of the moody away girl and decided he needed a long break, like a break that will last forever. We can see how both parties feel about their last year. Robert, justifiably upset that someone else was dallying between the sheets with his girl and Kristen realising that she had made one great big mistake by taking up with her married director.

But there is an old saying, “time heals all wounds” and it just may turn out that Rob and his dogs will return one day. Forgetting takes a very long time to happen and forgiving takes even longer. Let’s hope that this pair of star crossed lovers come to realise what is most important to them as individuals.

It may well be that the best thing for both of them is to be apart and not a couple. They can at least be grateful that they aren’t working on the Twilight series any longer and don’t have the added pain of having to see each other as “lovers’ on a movie set each day.

By Michael Smith


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  1. AW   May 22, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    They are both going to be fine. Well, I think Kristen will be fine, anyway. When are we going to hear about all the women Rob cheated with? She is looking more beautiful like a weight has been lifted. What a beautiful natural looking girl!


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