Justin Trudeau received his coronation as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Justin Trudeau received his coronation as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Justin Trudeau received his coronation as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. And then an ebook came out. One wonders if there is a need for elections anymore because we appear to live in a never ending monarchy, where members in the one bloodline rule, or appear to rule. It was this circumstance that led me to the Canadian politics section of the mainstream media. In fact, I perused the paper publication for Toronto`s Now Magazine, the April 25th and

May 1st editions. It was filled with advertisements. It only had one article in it. Period. The online edition has more articles at www.nowtoronto.com/ This paper edition, however, only had an insert included in it, promoting the Hot Docs Film Festival. This one lone article featured in Now Magazine concerned the Young Canadian Liberals at http://www.nowtoronto.com/news/story.cfm?content=192219 . This select group all go to events to raise money and awareness for their political parties. Surprisingly, the writer of the article noted that all the attendees were products of nepotism, all photographed with the former leaders of this once grand party. Some of whom had parents that were part of each Liberal dynasty. The new leader for the Federal Liberals is surprise surprise Justin Trudeau son of Pierre Trudeau, who was a former Canadian Prime Minister. It is interesting to note in such a country like Canada that we even have a free universal healthcare system. One would easily visualize these next generation of liberals would make such a healthcare system their own private club as well, much like very political party they dominate.

Incidentally, this very group of young liberals had an event at Rosedale Club which is located in a very upscale area of Toronto. According to this lone article in Now Magazine, everyone was expected to dress in business attire. A person with a collared shirt would be welcome; no T shirt clad sorts would be allowed to enter. Previous attendees were listed as a list of who’s who of Canadian liberal and along with their opportunistic offspring. All these guests were 20`s something, including Zach Paiken, who is the son of TVO`s Steve Paiken. Why don’t the Politician’s just clone themselves?! They could avoid the dinner, dancing, and marriage circuit! The next event will be held in the Beach, yet another luxury area, all overpriced homes in an area where a fetid smell blows from Lake Ontario.

In an ideal world our political system would have a jury pool type system which would call forth citizens for public office, like fresh faces at a Central Casting Call in Hollywood. Imagine such a system in place where a year before an election, a jury type call up is issued, aspiring lawyers from the law schools would come forth and hone their prosecution skills to filter out the potential politicians. Fresh faces would be the rule. Politicians for life, or family dynasties would be a thing from the past. But that is in an ideal world, not a Liberal Party of Canada type world.
Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way

Written By:Paul Collins

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