Kanye West New Slaves Video shut down by Houston police (video)



Kanye West’s latest video, “New Slaves,” was shut down by the Houston police on Friday.  The video had been scheduled to be projected on the side of the Rothko Chapel. It was supposed to be another chance for hip hop fans to see West’s video that he had wanted to be broadcast on buildings across the nation.

The screening had been delayed due to technical problems, but it was finally ready to be shown when the police arrived. Apparently, the Houston police  thought that the screening, or its delay, might incite viewers to commit acts of violence. The other two Houston locations where the “New Slaves” video was  scheduled to be projected had issues, also, but ones that didn’t involve intervention by the police. reported.

Technical difficulties were the cause of the screening being delayed at one of the locations.At the other location, the problem was that it was a wash-out altogether. One Kanye West fan, Janet Quiroa, who was there, expecting a fun night of entertainment at the event,  got something that was instead very different. She said that the only entertainment was when the sprinklers come on and listening to “obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats.”

For whatever reason,  the Rothko Chapel screening came to an early end as police  shut down the event.  The police shut down The “New Slaves” video,  according to the Houston Chronicle, which had been scheduled to show on the Rothko Chapel, Central Library downtown. The police shut the planned screening down before it have even begun.

Though the crowd there seemed to be attentive and respectful,  the police responded in a manner that suggested they were worried that trouble was brewing. Pulling up onto the grass, the Houston police flashed their lights and blasted their sirens.

They then ordered everyone in attendance for the Kanye West video to leave or they would be arrested. The stunned people there did what the police asked, and left the area.

The library screening was canceled at its scheduled time due to technical difficulties. It was rescheduled at a later time that night until police showed up.

Kanye had announced that his latest video would be projected on buildings at twenty-four locations on Friday. In the United States,  the other cities where the event was to occur included Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, and Austin, among others.

“New Slaves” made its debut a week ago with the video being projected around the world, including in New York City.  The Houston showings were a part of the second wave of screenings for the video. The screenings were a large-scale media event to help promote the sales of Kanye West’s new album. It is titled  “Yeezus,” and it  is set to be  released June 18.

Want to see the controversial “New Slaves” video for yourselves? Here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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