Will Smith and Jaden Smith Rap Fresh Prince on BBC See The Video

Will and Jaden rap Fresh Prince on BBC
A litte history was made on British television when Will Smith and son Jaden Smith rapped the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on the BBC program The Graham Norton Show. Just to show everyone that he’s still got it, Will Smith grabbed a mic and showed he is still The Fresh Prince.

The mega star and his son have been doing the talk show circuit promoting their newest film together, After Earth. The M Night Shyamalan science fiction film is due out May 31 this year. While Will and Jaden were on the show, they stood up and together they rapped the theme song to dad Will’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The two were assisted by Will’s old friend DJ Jazzy Jeff and the audience lapped that rap up. Smith always pleases the public when he performs his hit show’s theme song, he racked up an amazing eight million views on YouTube the last time he was on the show.

The audience went crazy as Will, Jaden and Graham’s other guests, Heather Graham and Bradley Cooper, acted as the back up dancers. The crowd went wild, and fellow guests Heather Graham and a slightly bemused-looking Bradley Cooper bopped along as impromptu backup dancers.

Graham got the ball rolling by asking if the two Smith’s actual collaborated on any music. This line of questioning led to the reveal of two microphones and Jaden did a short rap accompanied by Will. But the rapping didn’t stop there, Will then segued into a short number about his eight million hits on YouTube from the last time he’s been there doing the Fresh Prince tune.

Will then announced, via the rap, that his old pal DJ Jazzy was waiting in the wings and with that he and Jaden Smith rapped the Fresh Prince on BBC like it had never been done before. The crowd sang along and the cheers reached the rafters in the studio.

But wait a minute, it gets even better, because who else did he have waiting in the wings, but the really super-secret special guest star, his old co-star from his Fresh Prince days, Alfonso Riberio. The crowd then went more than wild when Riberio came out and joined two Smiths on stage.

After a little dance routine that had the crowd rocking, Alfonso and Will cried out that they weren’t done yet and they called host Graham Norton down to join the three of them. Alfonso, who did his patented signature Carlton Banks comically delicious dance moves earlier, then moved into the Apache “Jump On It” routine from the hit 1990s sitcom.

The audience were all standing and clapping and Heather Graham looked to be having the time of her life. Bradley Cooper did indeed look a little bemused by the whole thing, as was suggested by People, but he seemed to be enjoying the whole spectacular performance immensely.

This little “impromptu” performance made a bit of showbiz history as it marked the first time that Will Smith and Jaden Smith rapped the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song on the BBC, in fact it marked the first time that Will and Jaden have rapped in public together period. Although proud pappa Will told Norton this about Jaden’s musical ability; he said, “We have a studio that he works in, and he’s a very good rapper.”

Now you can watch the video and we hope you get as much fun watching this as we did.

By Michael Smith


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