Kelly Osbourne calls Lady Gaga a hypocrite


Kelly Osbourne, the Fashion Police star, has recently called Lady Gaga, a person who she used to admire, a “hypocrite.”

So, why on God’s green earth would the Fashio Police star Kelly label Lady Gaga, with her millions of adoring fans a hypocrite?

Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga have several similarities, after all. They both love stylish but sometimes outrageous clothes, they both often sport brightly-colored hair-dos, and they are both well-known celebrities and singers.

But, they both have feuded in the past, and it appears as if this latest incident might renew the feud afresh.

Allegedly, Kelly Osbourne has been receiving death threats from Lady Gaga’s fans, and she blames Lady Gaga for the actions of her “Little Monsters.” Kelly calls Lady Gaga a hypocrite, because she is supposedly against bullying, but Gaga is not responding strongly enough to stop the bullying of her fans, at least in Kelly’s opinion.

The death threats Osbourne got originated from an episode of the television program “Fashion Police” in which Kelly criticized Lady Gaga in regards to the 2012 Grammys, when Gaga didn’t stroll down the red carpet.

“Being part of the music industry is walking the red carpet,” Kelly said on the show, which has the same name as the magazine.

“You say hello to your fans and you give back to those reporters and those people who supported you. And when you go to an awards show and you don’t walk the red carpet. I find that disrespectful.”

After Kelly’s pointed criticism, the E! star started receiving many death threats and other unfriendly messages on the site, which led her to tweet, ” i have been told to die,suck d—, get raped & that i look like i have aids by @ladygaga fans no wonder they get called bullies.”

In the latest issue of the magazine Fashion Police, Kelly expressed why she called Lady Gaga a “hypocrite” in no uncertain terms:

“You can say whatever you want with your millions of monsters. I know the truth. Your bells and whistles mean nothing to me.

“You’re feeding on the freaks and geeks to further your career? Do you really care about the gay community? Because if you did, you’d stand up for it more than you do.

“I loved Lady Gaga. I totally believed in everything she stood for, until I realized she’s a great big hypocrite. Don’t say, ‘When you see bullying, intervene,’ while letting your fans send me death threats. If my fans did that, I would not stand for it.”

It’s not that Kelly is unaware of what Lady Gaga has done for the LGBT community. After all, Lady Gaga has long been an advocate for it.  She co-founded the Born This Way foundation with her mother and also   launched the social media site so that her fans would have a way to express themselves online.

It’s just that Kelly thinks that Lady Gaga is acting in a hypocritical manner in not telling her fans to leave off with the death threats.

Gaga directed a salvo right back at Kelly, writing in an open letter to her:

“Your show breeds negativity, and over the years has even become comedic in nature.

“It glorifies you and Joan Rivers pointing in the camera, laughing, and making jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals.”

However, towards the end of her letter, Lady Gaga said she apologized for her fans.

“I cannot control my fans, and I discourage them from any negativity and violence, because that is wrong and hurtful — and I do feel badly that your feelings were hurt.”

Will Lady Gaga’s “apology” end the reignited feud for now; or, will this gesture by her just mark a brief period of calm before a coming storm?

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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