Tortorella Sacrificed to Hockey Gods

John Tortorella was fired by the New York Rangers today
John Tortorella was fired by the New York Rangers today

The New York Rangers were booted out of the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Boston Bruins. After going to the NHL Eastern Conference Finals last season, the hockey gods demanded a sacrifice and the Rangers choice was Tortorella.

The fact of the matter is this is the same old Rangers. Time and time again they fire their head coach. However, the problem is something entirely different.

The problem with the Rangers is that they keep building their teams through free agency.

Of the 16 forwards on their roster only five were their own draft picks. As for their defense five of the 10 defenseman on their roster were their own draft picks or players signed straight out of college. With their goalie also their own draft pick the problem is obvious.

The problem is offense as the Rangers average 2.62 goals per a game which was 15th overall in the regular season. That is pretty bad considering the Rangers only allowed 2.25 goals per a game on average, which was fourth best in the NHL Regular Season and only .04 points back of Boston at 2.21 goals allowed per a game on average.

In other words the Rangers sacrificed Tortorella to the hockey gods for nothing.

Potent offenses have more than a bunch of all stars playing together. What they have is a bunch of players that were drafted, brought up and molded into their system and add a complementary player through a trade or free agency to bolster an already potent offense.

This allows players to get chemistry with one another and anticipate where their teammates are going to be in certain situations. Even if a new player comes along they can easily teach the player the system and what they are going to do in certain situations. When you are constantly adding and subtracting hockey players, chemistry and anticipation are lost.

How do you think the Rangers defense got so good?

The Rangers defense got good from years of drafting well and developing players. Half of the Rangers defenseman was brought up in their system, which means they have the chemistry and anticipation that it requires to be successful.

The problem is something like this isn’t built over night.

Good teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings took several years of drafting well and developing players to get where they are right now. So, that means if the Rangers are going to fix their problems they are going to have to dump some of the players they brought in through trade or free agency. Then they have to add players via their farm system and not through free agency for which they are notorious for.

So, congratulations Rangers, because your sacrifice of Tortorella to the hockey gods to solve your problems is going to completely backfire on you until you address your real problem in drafting forwards.

By Paul Kasprzak



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