Kenya sentenced life imprisonment to two Iranian nationals

Kenya sentenced life imprisonment to two Iranian nationals.

By Maureen Nkubitu

In the recent past Kenya has been one of the victims of terror. This all started when Kenya joined hands with other nations to bring peace in Somalia. Today Monday May 6, 2013 Magistrate Kiare Waweru has sentenced two Iranians to life in prison, for one charge and several years on other charges. The two were found guilty last week on Thursday 2nd May but the ruling was postponed to today. Sayed Mansour Mousavi and Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad were arrested last year in the account of plotting attacks on the western targets and the Israeli in Kenya. Since June 2012 the Iranians have been in police custody. They had 15-kilogram stash of the explosive RDX. They were arrested in Nairobi after placing explosives at the Mombasa Golf Course. The police found the explosives hidden in a hole at the Golf Course.

The prosecutor states that the two were ready to commit a felony. They were armed in all aspect ready to commit felony. The two Iranians have been suspects in various crimes around the globe. Since they entered Kenya they were under police surveillance. The two had planned various attacks in Nairobi and Mombasa. However, the Kenyan investigators are not sure if the two are linked to the al Qaeda militants in Somalia. They are still investigating which group they are linked to. However, the Britain Daily Telegraph reports that the two are members of the group Iran’s Revolutionary Guards elite al-Quds force. The Magistrate said if the two were not apprehended Kenya could have experienced another bombing like for the one of 1998. The damage could have been massive that would have affected Kenya for years.

The Iranian government has denied they have any part in those plots against Kenya. This was confirmed by its ambassador to Kenya Malik Hussein Givzad. In the same case their lawyers are pleading not guilty. Their lawyer David Kirimi describes the charges as outrageous. The wives of the two accused claimed the court is treating their husbands unfairly. They were both present in court during the ruling. They claim there was no concrete evidence against their husbands. Both defendants, dressed in suits and open neck shirts, showed little emotion as the sentence was read out, although when they were led out to the cells one angrily tried to kick a photographer. The Iranian embassy is ready to help the families to seek redress to the high court. This will not be the end of this story.

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