Top 5 Cinemas in Amsterdam

 Art house cinema

Written By: Bindu Jacob

Amsterdam best known in the world as the place of relaxation and fun; if we make a list for various sectors for entertainment in Amsterdam, the movie theaters occupy the prominent place for cheers and wonders. The movie theaters are wonders not only because these are providing traditional and classic al movies in the original language (English along with the Dutch subtitle), but its architectural construction and history. The first Dutch film Gestoorde hengelaar (Disturbed Angler) was a slapstick comedy by Machiel Hendricus Ladde, released in the year 1896. That is the beginning of the Dutch movies in Amsterdam. The world has changed and Amsterdam’s movie scenario also became more colorful with the advent of big company like Pathe Brothers Company. According to the survey report, the city witnessed over 30 million viewers in the year 2011. But the total population of the country in the same year was 16 million. The figure goes out of imagination to find out the depth of influence and impression of movie among Amsterdamians. Just see the top five movie theaters in Amsterdam.

The movies Art house cinema: This is an old and still well-functioning movie theater in Amsterdam, located in Haarlemmerdijk. Till the world war second the theater known as a neighborhood cinema. It has four rooms with the total sitting capacity of 400 viewers. The theater gives more priority to the art house movies rather than the commercials and expects niches than masses. Here also play some blockbuster Hollywood movies too. The theater arranges café and restaurant with multi types of cuisines.
Rialto: It is located in Ceintuurbaan and considered as the former youth theater, which opened in 1921. Cinema has gone through some innovations and currently three rooms are available. Rialto mainly focused in the screening of European and non-Western artistic film productions and also hosts in the seasonal film festival. Along with the movie, here operates wonderful restaurant with various tastes too.

Pathé Tuschinski: Pathe is the chain of movie theaters owned under the big company Pathe Brothers Company based in France. It has the cinemas in 22 locations in Netherlands, and the most popular cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Helmond and Groningen. In Amsterdam, Pathe has 4 theaters and they are contributing 10% of revenue to the Dutch Government in the film revenue sector. Pathe always likes to screen only the blockbusters and that may be the reason for the so called crowd in the each weekend. Tuschinski is also owned by Pathe, which was constructed in 1921, with a marvelous glowing style by an architect Hijman Louis de Jong. It is like a Convergence of Amsterdamse School, Art Deco and Jugendstil. It is really a ‘stand-out’ building with stylish interior and exterior.

Kriterion: It was started in world war second and there has a wonderful reason in the origin of this cinema. This is running by students and constructed for the students to find money for their education without depend their parents or government to meet the study expense. Today, this is one of the cine domes during film festivals and hosts many Dutch, French and Italian plays.

Eye Film Institute: It is Amsterdam’s film museum and newly opened in April 2012. It stands as the symbol of distinguished architecture and constructed by the Austrian architect agency, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects. The Porsche Museum also designed by the Austrian architect agency. The specialty of EFI is, it is situated on the banks of the river IJ and needs just two minutes ferry ride from Amsterdam Central Station. The visit to the cinema provides dual experience of ferry travel and movie enjoyment to a person.

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