Kidnapped and Murdered Co-ed Alyssiah Wiley Identified

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A body found in a wooded area was identified as Alyssiah Wiley, an Eastern Connecticut State University student who has been missing since April 20.  Jermaine Richards, who is charged with her kidnapping and murder, turned himself into state police Saturday.

Wiley was last seen at a Dairy Queen in Willimantic, Connecticut.  Family and friends attempted to contact her for four days.  When their efforts failed, they went to university authorities who turned the case over to the Connecticut State Police.

Police had a tip about a black Nissan Altima with tinted windows.  The car was later found in Bridgeport.  They are saying the vehicle was involved, but are not releasing details.

Richards’ home has been searched, and they said they discovered several “items of evidence.”

Wiley’s remains were found about 10 a.m. on Friday by a cadaver sniffing dog.  Because the property is privately owned by five persons, they cordoned off the area, and are waiting for written permission from all owners before they perform a detailed search of the area for evidence.

State police had been searching the area near Quarry Road in Trumbull for Wiley because of information they gathered during the investigation.

After DNA tests confirmed the remains were those of Wiley, Alyssiah’s mother, Corrinna Martin, said the family was notified early Saturday.

Kathleen Ceccarelli told reporters that her daughter Kate was once Wiley’s roommate.  She was standing near the area where her body was found with a sign that had crossed out the word “missing”, and replaced it with “kidnapped”.  Asked why she changed the wording, she said, “She did not voluntarily get to this spot.”

Kate Ceccarelli had been working with the Wiley family in their attempts to locate their daughter.  “They’re very, very strong Christian people. It’s amazing. I probably will convert,” she said.

“She was a bookworm,” Ceccarelli said of Wiley. “She was very, very serious. Very modest.”

Bridgeport was the last area where Wiley was seen.  She was a sophomore, and a psychology student at ECSU.  She was seen getting into a car on campus on April 20th.

Friends say it was “out of character” for her to just disappear.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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