Leonardo DiCaprio Romantic Space Date

Leonardo DiCaprio Space Date

So ladies, what could be better than a romantic date with handsome leading man Leonardo DiCaprio? A romantic space date with the superstar! If you’ve got enough cash, you could do it, just like the bidder who won the chance to be with Leonardo in space.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a chance at this moment because the date has already been set up via a charity auction in Cannes.

As we all know Leonardo DiCaprio is a sucker for a good charity and after finishing with his record breaking art auction last week he put himself on the bidding block at an AIDS research charity auction held in Cannes. 37 year-old Vasily Klyukin, a Russian who lives in Monaco won the trip with Leonardo by submitting a staggering $1.5 million bid.

But getting to strap yourself in next to The Gatsby star isn’t all you get for $1.5 million. Vasily also gets three days of training on top of getting to share the “suborbital” space trip with the star of The Great Gatsby.

He must really be a big fan of DiCaprio’s because he could have gotten a trip on one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flight for only $200,000. Of course your flight mates wouldn’t be Leonardo DiCaprio and really, if you are going into space why not make it really special.

The charity auction was run by amFAR (afFara Cinema Against Aids) and the proceeds are going to the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Klykin hasn’t said why he wanted to go up into space with DiCaprio. The only statement that the Russian has made was, “I want to be a bit daring. I will have to give up smoking now for sure!”

But ladies, don’t despair, it turns out that Vasily won’t have Leonardo to himself up there while orbiting the earth. According to People magazine moments after Vasily won his seat next to the star, emcee Sharon Stone convinced another “daring” couple to shell out $2.3 million for two seats on the same flight.

Winner Vasily may fell a little cheated because now all three bidders will get to spend the three days training with DiCaprio in Texas instead of just him, but so far, he hasn’t complained.

It’s going to be a little crowded on that flight, we think.

According to Us magazine, DiCaprio isn’t the only celebrity to want on a space flight. They say that in March 2012, Ashton Kutcher officially became the 500th person to sign up for the trip.

Meanwhile back at the launchpad, Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Galactic is holding tests on his spacecraft. Just last month Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo space plane fired its rocket engine and hit Mach 1.2.

Sir Richard said that as the vehicle’s key components had been proven, adding he expects “full space flight” by the end of 2013.

So Vasily had better make that switch to the old nicotine replacement products pretty fast.

The auction was held at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in France’s Cap d’Antibes. By the end of the evening the auction raised some $25 million for AIDS research.

But a space ride with Leonardo wasn’t the only “out of this world” things to abe auctioned off. One lucky winner bid for a private performance by Duran Duran and another bid for a family portrait sitting with photographer Annie Leibovitz.

So while this flight with the superstar is going to be a bit too crowded to be considered romantic, it is for a great cause and no doubt it will be an experience that three people, not to mention Leonardo< will remember forever. And who knows, the three winners might luck out and get not only Leonardo, but Ashton Kutcher as well. By Michael Smith Source

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