Mariah Carey Naughty Hashtag Song

Mariah Carey #Beautiful
Mariah Carey’s new album features the song #Beautiful on one of the tracks and if you were wondering what the hashtag stood for, wonder no longer. Mariah and collaborator Miguel have both said the Hashtag equals a naughty word, hence I now think of the song as Mariah’s naughty hashtag song instead of #Beautiful.

Miguel explained to MTV News that, “The hashtag in the title of this song is particularly fitting because the word that comes before ‘beautiful’ when I sing the chorus is an expletive that I can’t say on air. But the hashtag is particularly fitting for that expletive, if you just kind of pay a little bit of attention.”

Considering that Miguel is so excited about working with Carey, it seems perfectly possible that the title came from his own personal description of her. As in, “Wow! You are f****** beautiful!”

#Beautiful is Mariah’s “lead” single off the new album and it is different from her other singles in that it opens not with her vocal talents but Miguel’s. But don’t bother looking for some kind of interesting “backstory;” there isn’t one.

According to Miguel, this was just her musical vision of how the song should be. “She has so much foresight and she was all about the sound and it being different and standing out,” Miguel explained. “And I think that she’s always been that way — she’s always created music that’s stood out.”

Miguel was effusive in his praise for his collaborator on Carey’s album. “She’s incredible. She’s not only a beautiful spirit, inside and out, she’s just really talented. I couldn’t even fathom how creative she really is and how fast her mind works. … The fact that she had so much vision — enough to want to do the record as it was — and include me is a huge blessing and I appreciate it. She really is beautiful, absolutely, the title was fitting.”

Miguel also revealed that working with Mariah was a childhood dream come true. In the music video, directed by Joseph Kahn, Miguel gets up really close and personal with his childhood idol, cuddling her.

About the experience, Miguel said,”You know what? It didn’t really sink in until after we were done and then seeing the footage and seeing the video, I was like, ‘Dude, you’re in a video with Mariah Carey!’ I’ll never forget watching her come out the water in the ‘Honey’ video.”

He went on to add, “You just never forget it when you have a crush on a woman when you’re younger. You don’t forget that, and so the fact that she’s on the back of a motorcycle and I’m on the front of it is kind of surreal. It’s just special, man. Moments, it’s definitely moments.”

I’m sure that his heart must have skipped a beat when on Friday the 14th of May’s Good Morning America television show Mariah had a “wardrobe malfunction” moment while performing live in the show’s summer concert series, her dress came apart.

She must have been breathing deep, because the back of the dress opened mid-song. Ater the malfunction she said, “Oh, sh**, now the back of my dress just popped! I love you, Donatella [Versace], but it popped darling … what should we call this? The Central Park saga?”

I suppose that after learning the meaning behind the hashtag on her new song, she’s lucky that she didn’t say #Central Park saga.

By Michael Smith


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  1. L Cerano   May 25, 2013 at 8:58 am

    This song is a different sound from anything else on radio and for mariah. But its all her. Suprisingly good song, I forsee this as the hit of the summer.

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