Play Station and Naughty Dog Hands On Look at The Last of Us in London

The Last of Us First Look Hands On Event in London

Yesterday, the 24th of May, Playstation Access and the game developing company of Naughty Dog staged a “hands-on” first look at their new game The Last of Us in London. The venue was in an old movie theatre on Shoreditch Highstreet just 19 minutes away from London’s Liverpool Street.

The event was the result of a combined competition held by Sony’s Playstation Access who asked gamers to answer the question, “Who would you like to be stuck with in a post apocalyptic world in the game?” Naughty Dog themselves used a lottery type system where you put your name and email in the pot and they then “pulled” random names out

The live event, which was streamed live on IGN, was attended by hundreds of gamers and during the Question and Answer segment of the venue the panel answered “live” questions from Twitter followers of the First Look party.

Because a party is what this event was! Lucky winners who attended got a goody bag with (Are you ready for this?): a double sided poster; a real thermos jug (flask); a foam brick; a newspaper and a sweat band. Once the competition winners got inside, the theatre had been made up to look like The Last of Us world.

Plants were everywhere as were consoles for the winners to “have a go” at the new game that will be out on the 14th of June this year. Old oil barrels and crates served as the console playing platforms and there were enough consoles that everyone could have a turn playing this hotly anticipated game.

Naughty Dog has introduced the world to the wildly popular Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted games developed their newest game The Last of Us and fans of the developing company have been eagerly snapping up any news about the game.

The first look “hands on” venue opened at around six thirty in the evening and featured; the Naughty Dog team doing game play with a running commentary; a Q & A session with Creative Director Neil Druckman; Bruce Staley; the gameplay director; and Ashley Johnson, the actress who plays Ellie in the game.

The event also had free food and drink, just like you would in a “post apocalyptic” world. To get the free drinks you had to put your hand in a covered box and fish around for a key. The box was filled with strange and yucky things that you had to navigate through to find the key.

There were open vending machines where you could take what you wanted and all non-vending machine food was available as well, also free of charge.

Playstation Access and Naughty Dog continued to give out prizes through the night as they randomly selected Twitter accounts from those who had tweeted “live” questions to the Panel.

After the event, the panel hung around to answer any personal inquires that audience members might have and of course the beautiful and talented Ashley Johnson was surrounded by gamer fans who wanted to talk to “Ellie.”

But Neil and Bruce were able to spend time with the games fans as well and my daughter and her fella got to spend about a half hour talking to these two panel members.

With Comic Con going on literally across town, the event has a great turnout and it has managed to crank the suspense level of fans exponentially. This award winning game that blew everyone away at last years E3 is one of the most eagerly anticipated games to be released this year.

You can watch the “live stream coverage” of the event on IGN’s website, just search for The Last Of Us hands on Q & A and it should take you right to the video.

The Last of Us is hitting stores on the 14th of June this year.

By Michael Smith


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