Lindsay Lohan Giving Brook Mueller Cold Shoulder at Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Gives Cold Shoulder to Brooke

Well, after Brooke Mueller got the good news that she could have supervised visits with her two boys, she must have wanted to tell a friend about it; someone close, in the same rehab facility, but it won’t be her old buddy. It seems that Lindsay Lohan is giving poor Brook Mueller the cold shoulder at the Betty Ford Center where the two “ex” pals are in rehab.

It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan is dodging Charlie Sheen’s ex like a two year old parking ticket. Even though, Brooke is repeatedly reaching out to Lohan, extending the hand, as it were, of friendship.

Since Brooke is currently getting professional help for her drug addiction at The Betty Ford Centre in Rancho Mirage, California, which coincidentally, just happens to be Lohan is staying on a court order. It makes sense to reach out to someone you know instead of having to rely on the kindness of strangers.

Now it could be that Lindsay is still peeved about her ADHD “diet” pills or she is actually listening to the rumoured “ban” that has been put in place at the clinic that says the two cannot talk to one another. But Brooke, despite the rumoured ban, keeps trying to “hook-up” with Lindsay.

According to Radar Online, Brooke has repeatedly reached out to Lindsay while they are attending the same group session held in the center nightly. This constant “reaching” is starting to “creep” Lindsay out a little bit.

Further evidence that all is not well at the Xanadu that is the Betty Ford Center, is Lindsay’s calling old chum Brooke a, are you ready for this, drug addict. The phrase pot and kettle springs immediately to mind, not to mention the whole chucking rocks around glass walls, if you know what I mean.

It could be that Lindsay doesn’t want to be tarred with the same publicity brush as Brooke. The word is that Brooke is only interested in fame at any price and that she only checked in to the Center to be close to Lohan.

An un-named source said, “She [Brooke] isn’t fazed by all of the negative publicity she has been getting since losing custody of Bob and Max to Denise Richards. In fact, she loves it, and thinks it will help her chances of landing a role as an actress on a television sitcom. She always harassed Charlie when they were married to use his connections to get her acting jobs!”

But Brooke’s alleged fame quest aside; Sunday, after her first week in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, Brooke will reportedly be allowed to spend a few hours with her four-year-old twin boys Bob and Max Sheen.

According to RadarOnline, the boys will be brought to the rehab center by their court-appointed monitor to visit with their mother before being returned to Denise Richards. Richards has temporary guardianship of the twins and is raising them along with her own two children and adopted daughter.

Obviously Denise Richards feels some sort of bond with the younger Brooke since besides having Charlie Sheen in common, they each have two children by him.

Brooke lost temporary custody of her children on May 2, when the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services turned up at her house with a warrant. She was suspected of putting her children in danger.

Officials believed that Mueller had been placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold at UCLA for a few days before she lost custody, due to the fact that she had apparently been using drugs for days and was not in her right mind.

Presumably, she’s still not in her right mind if she’s continuing to reach out to Lindsay Lohan.

By Michael Smith


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