Matt Flynn Won’t Lose Job to Wilson This Time

Matt Flynn won't let another Wilson beat him for a starting job this year.
Matt Flynn won’t let another Wilson beat him for a starting job this year.

Matt Flynn was supposed to have a fresh start in Oakland, he certainly wasn’t supposed to relive last year’s nightmare where he lost his job to a rookie quarterback named Wilson. Raiders fans calling for rookie fourth round pick Tyler Wilson from Arkansas has to feel like a horrible deja vu for the former seventh round pick out of LSU.

After his contract with the Green Bay Packers expired in 2011, Flynn was one of the hottest names available at the quarterback position. He eventually signed with the Seattle Seahawks, and was expected to take over the starting job that Tarvaris Jackson has left behind. Flynn’s contract certainly showed that Seattle didn’t want him to be a backup, agreeing to a 3-year $26 million deal with $10 million guaranteed. However no one could have predicted that Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson, would take the league by storm that very year.

Russell Wilson was supposed to be too small to compete for a starting job at the professional level. He didn’t believe that for a second however, taking the locker room by storm in training camp and eventually winning the starting job for week one of the regular season. Even then people speculated that Wilson would struggle in this role, and that we would eventually see Matt Flynn take over for the rookie when things got tough. Matt Flynn wound up losing his job to the hot rookie Wilson. Ignoring his critics, Wilson once again proved people wrong however, leading the Seahawks to the playoffs in his rookie season.

That made Matt Flynn expendable for Seattle. He wasn’t going to start for the team and was making too much money to sit idly on the bench. The Raiders were looking to move on from Carson Palmer, and find a quarterback that could lead their team for the foreseeable future. Oakland acquired a promising quarterback prospect entering his prime for the price of a fifth round draft pick, and a conditional draft pick. A cheap price to pay should Flynn prove worthy of the starting job.

Following the NFL draft, Matt Flynn had to have nightmares. It couldn’t be happening again, could it? Beginning to look strangely like last season’s improbable path to the bench, Flynn needs to salvage this opportunity if he ever wants to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Probably his last shot to lead a professional franchise, Flynn will not lose his job to the rookie Wilson this time.

Matt Flynn has lead a team to a national title while in college at LSU showing that he has the ability to win with the spotlight on him. The Raiders have the talent around him to enable him to put up a good stat line this year, after all Carson Palmer put up 4000 yards fairly easily with this team, and Flynn is a significant upgrade for the Raiders.

Fans say that this second Wilson has the ability to perform in the NFL and should take the job from Matt Flynn this year, however Flynn has succeeded in limited opportunities to start thus far in his career, and will show that he can handle the pressures of starting once given the chance to do so.

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