Maurice Jones-Drew Not Charged With Battery

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has not been charged with battery following an incident at a bar.
Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has not been charged with battery following an incident at a bar.

An altercation broke out at a bar Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back Maurice Jones-Drew was at, however the star rusher was not involved in the incident and has not been charged with battery. Earlier today it was reported by TMZ, take that for what it’s worth, that he had been charged for his involvement in the fight.

According to’s Ian Rapaport a second police report emerged exonerating him from any charges. Local police issued the following statement when asked about the events that transpired:

“The St. Augustine Police Department has taken a notarized statement of Misdemeanor Battery against Jacksonville Jaguar player Maurice Jones-Drew that stemmed from an altercation at the Conch House on Sunday, May 26, 2013. Jones-Drew has not been charged with any crime and maintains his innocence. He is cooperating fully with our investigation.”

This is a stark change from the original police report. The original report was where the story broke that Maurice Jones-Drew had been charged with battery. The description of the events from the first police report, and the  were as follows;

“According to the police report, witnesses say … MJD’s buddy was told by security to stop touching a young female. The buddy allegedly “slapped” a security guard on his chest … and a melee ensued. One of the security guards reportedly put MJD’s friend in a headlock to stop the fight … and that’s when MJD stepped in and clocked the guard.”

Agent Adisa Bakari has repeatedly said that his client was innocent and in no way involved in the altercation. He insisted throughout the day that Maurice Jones-Drew would not be charged with battery, and appears to be correct. He has stated multiple times today that his client conducted himself properly and left the establishment as soon as he noticed what was going on.

The security guard that the former UCLA running back allegedly punched did suffer contusions and bone bruise that night, so evidently something happened. An investigation by the NFL is likely to follow, and if it is discovered that the Jaguars’ All-pro was in any way involved in the events leading up to or during the fight, a suspension is not out of question.

Assuming that Maurice Jones-Drew wasn’t involved with the incident because of his not being charged with battery, he is looking to rebound from an injury riddled season last year and reemerge as one of the NFL’s marquee backs. At only 28 years old, he likely has several quality years left in the tank and should be an impact player once again. The injury that derailed his season last year was a lisfranc injury, one that heals but carries with it a lingering pain.

Jacksonville needs for Jones-Drew to be back to his former self this season if it has any hopes of winning games. Blaine Gabbert has struggled mightily to this point in his career, and as a result the offense depends heavily on its rushing attack. When healthy Jones-Drew has handled some of the highest carry totals in the league as a result of the rest of his offense being inept.

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