Miley Cyrus Number 1 Sexiest Gal Still Engaged

Miley Cyrus and that ring

Not only is Miley Cyrus the number one sexiest gal in the world (as voted by Maxim readers) but she’s still engaged to fiancé Liam Hemsworth and she’s got the ring and the Twitter picture to prove it.

Miley has been plagued with constant rumours about the possibility of a split from fiancé Liam ever since the two got engaged in May 2012.

In an effort to quell these annoying ramblings from the media and to show her many fans that she and Liam are still a very serious item, Miley used the popular social networking site to give further evidence by showing off her 3.5 carat Neil Line engagement ring on Monday.

20-year-old Miley flashed the ring by having her left hand dangling from a friends shoulder while she struck a pose wearing cool sunglasses and a Leopard spot head scarf.

Miley has not yet commented “officially about the status of her standing in the engagement stakes with Liam, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and she may just be using the Twitter picture to speak for her.

Miley, who won the number one spot in Maxim’s “Hottest” list of the worlds sexiest woman, isn’t standing on her “past” laurels. The former Hannah Montana Disney “princess” is continuing to make the news as she shows she still deserves the accolade of sexist woman by showing off her shocking and revealing wardrobe.

In another Twitter picture posted by designer Jeremy Scott shows Miley posing in a pair of pink panties accompanied with skull embossed thigh-high boots and a matching short jacket and her pink hair styled in a “punk effect”.

The picture is from a photo shoot that Miley was working on yesterday and the Twitter picture shows her cuddling up to fashion stylist Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele.

Designer Jeremy Scott is obviously very proud of his created outfit on the sexiest woman in the world and he tweeted the accompanying caption with the picture that read, ‘THE LEGENDARY STYLIST @carlynecerfdedudzeele ON SET W MISS @MILEYCYRUS IN MY VODOO SKULL BOOTS & BIKER JACKET ! #SMILEY’

The Twitter picture posted by Scott also showed that ring, on Miley’s left hand. Not that the appearance of two pictures on the internet of the ring really proves anything. The 3.5 carat ring has been disappearing and reappearing so often it could be called the David Copperfield ring.

The ring’s magical act is what helps to keep the question of Miley’s relationship status always up in the air. Although it was recently suggested that 20 year-old Miley has made a last ditch attempt to cement her status as Liam Hemsworth’s fiancee. This attempt could include “showing off” the expensive ring as much as possible.

It seems that it would just be easier for Miley to make a formal announcement, but, that might damage her standing with all those guys and gals who like the idea of the world’s sexist gal still being available.

And Miley certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint her fans.

By Michael Smith


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