Miranda Kerr Boobs on Show at Photo Shoot

Miranda Kerr showed her boobs inadvertently at her most recent photo shoot. The Victoria’s Secret model was supposed to be modelling skin care products when her sweater slipped down to show Ms Kerr’s bare breasts.

It won’t be the first time that a photograph has gotten Mrs Orlando Bloom the wrong sort of attention. Just last week, Miranda posted a behind-the-scenes picture of herself, using Instagram, on a different photo shoot with New York-based fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco.

The photographer had his muscular arms tightly wrapped around the same boobs that were so spectacularly on display at today’s photo shoot. She tweeted the picture and with the already rampant rumors of her turbulent marriage to Orlando Bloom already of much public interest, the seemingly innocent snap didn’t sit well with her fans.

At least two Twitter fans of Kerr took to tweeting what they thought of the Instagram snap.

One, not too happy fan tweeted, “I don’t think she respects her husband at all.”

Another one tweeted, “You’re [sic] husband [wasn’t] jealous when he saw this pic?”

But at least a couple took Miranda’s side, “Chill out guys, it’s just a hug.”

And one more put in his two cents worth, “maybe she doesn’t like to post photos of her with Orlando as she likes to keep that part of her life private.”

But back on the bare breasted nipple show, Miranda looked surprised, amused and not the least upset when her sweater top fell down and exposed both her breasts. In a series of photographs that followed, the photographer obviously wasn’t bothered either, She actually appears quite playful and not the least bit bemused. She does, though, at one point cover herself up with one arm.

There have been accusations that she purposefully exposed herself, especially as she is finishing with Victoria’s Secret. But whether on purpose or not, you’ve got to give the 30 year-old model and mother credit, it certainly doesn’t look like her figure suffered too much from the rigours of childbirth.

There aren’t that many 30 year-old women who’d look that great half-naked, with or without having had a child just two short years ago. So props to the lady for at least looking like she’s worked hard to stay in nice shape. Now whether all that effort is just for the job and not necessarily for husband Orlando Bloom isn’t too clear.

Funnily enough, when Miranda first started posing nude for Kora Organics almost four years ago, she made sure her breasts were covered strategically by her left arm.

The model and mother of one, has been very quiet about the “boob” on today’s shoot with nary a word tweeted by her on Twitter or even a more personal snap on Instagram. Perhaps she learned her lesson about being too free on the social networks considering the row that “innocent” hug caused.

But she wanted to show that her “assets” looked that good because she uses her own cosmetic products. She started the Kora Organics line in 2009. She told Us Weekly in an earlier interview that, “It’s so rejuvenating for the skin and revitalising. The rosy face oil at night is a must have for me because it puts back all the essential fatty acids back into the skin and it’s anti-aging and super revitalising.

Miranda then went on to say, “We’ve had such wonderful feedback. For my own skin I see how it helps me, but the amazing response we get back on a daily basis has been so lovely.”

Kerr also said that she was quite proud of how popular her beauty brand has become since it was launched. “It was my idea, it was my vision, my concept, so I went and found a lab and started working with all the organic chemists,” she said of organic beauty line, which is now sold on Net-a-Porter.

Presumably, it works on more than your face.

By Michael Smith


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