Newport Beach, CA Two Car Fiery Crash Kills Five Teenagers

Newport Beach, CA Two Car Fiery Crash Kills Five Teenagers

Authorities were called to the scene of what they believed was a two car crash in Newport Beach Monday.  When they arrived just before 5:30 in the afternoon, they saw what appeared to be two vehicles, and one was on fire.  It turned out to be a single vehicle that was split in half.  Investigation revealed five people dead, all believed to be teenagers from Irvine, California.

Because of the damage, fingerprints were being used to identify the three girls and two boys.  Four of the passengers had been ejected from the vehicle, and one was half in and half out.

Witnesses say the Infinity swerved, hit a center divider, and then struck a tree.

“It was one of the worst I’ve seen in my nearly 30 years,” Newport Beach Fire Department Capt. Glenn White told CBS News.

Four of the passengers were pronounced dead at the scene.  The fifth died after being transported to a local hospital.

Authorities said the section of Jamboree Blvd. on which the accident occurred has a speed limit of fifty-five miles per hour.  Skid marks from the flamed-out vehicle were present on the roadway.  They will also determine if alcohol was involved.

Investigators spent ten hours collecting evidence, some of which was found a quarter mile away from the scene, displaying the ferocity of the crash.

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