Pakistani Prisoner Dies in Jammu prison

 Pakistani Prisoner Dies in Jammu prison

Pakistani prisoner, Sanaullah, died in Chandigarh hospital. He had been admitted in the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education Chandigarh due to injuries sustained following an attack from a fellow inmate. He has passed away at 6.30 (IST) am Thursday. Several sources say that he was injured in a scuffle, which led to the failure of multiple organs. The incident occured on May 3 at the high security Jail in Kot Bhalwal.

03-jammu-pakistan-convict-IndiaInk-blog480A hospital spokesperson says that, “when they brought the patient into the hospital he was brain dead and died the next morning from multiple organ failure.”

Pakistan, Sialkot, ordered the convict’s dead body to be kept in the mortuary so a full autopsy could be conducted as it appears he died from unnatural causes.

Manzoor Memon, spokesperson to the Pakistani high commission ask India to complete all necessary arrangements to take the body back to his home country as soon as possible.

Mr. Memon expressed his deep condolences to Sanaullah’s family members. “We are in shock and severe grief” he said.

 Pakistani Prisoner Dies in Jammu prisonHe requested the Indian government to conduct an international investigation on the attack of a Pakistani citizen. “There needs to be safety agreements between nations for the protection of prisoners in various jails across the world.” He spoke with CNN IBN.

Pakistan official also demanded for the release of 47 Pakistani prisoners, who have completed time of imprisonment in Indian Jails.

Due to the custodial death of the prisoner autopsy will be conducted by the specially constituted medical board and it will be performed in the presence of the Magistrate and videography.

 Pakistani Prisoner Dies in Jammu prisonAn investigation has risen regarding handing over the dead body to the victim’s relatives who came in the Chandigarh hospital on Tuesday from Pakistan; the official say “ the handing over of dead bodies is under the jurisdiction of the Union Home Ministry, they will decide.” Dead body handovers will be done by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education Chandigarh as per the government direction.

On Wednesday the convict’s health ailment became increasingly worse after kidney failure and neurological disorders; which led to his severely critical condition. The hospital bulletin says he suffered from renal failure and neurological problems. This caused his urine passage to be completely blocked and he was prescribed peritoneal dialysis by the nephrologists.

Sanaullah had been in custody to serve life in prison since 1999 for violating Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention)  Pakistani Prisoner Dies in Jammu prisonAct (TADA Act). Sanaullah was attacked by Mr. Vinod Kumar, an ex- military man and the fellow prisoner of Sanaullah. Mr. Vinod Kumar gave a severe blow on Sanaullah’s head with a burned brick, while they are working in the garden.


Written By: Bindu Jacob

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