Powerball: Win by Meditating.



Meditation may be the best way to win the lottery.

The search is for a sure-fire method of picking the winning lottery numbers.  An ever-increasing mass of frenzied gamblers plunking down $2.00 or more, disregarding the infinitesimal chance of winning — 1 in 175.2 million.  People know that you’re more likely to be struck by lighting than winning the lottery.  But the numbers aren’t even comparable.  The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the U.S. in 1 in 700,000 per year, and 1 in 3,000 in your lifetime.  The latest record for a win happened  in November of 2012, when the  jackpot was $587.5 million.  If no one wins tonight, the prize could reach $1 billion dollars.

The rationale is that someone has to win.  Why not me?

There is, theoretically, no such thing as a ‘lucky’ number. And all numbers have an equal chance of winning,  But researchers have found that choosing the most popular numbers, 42, 16, 35, 26, and 19, increases your probability of winning to 1 in 1465 million.

80% of buyers don’t pick numbers randomly.  They use numbers with personal significance.  Others let another person pick the numbers they’ll use.  Using past winning numbers is also a favorite.  There are systems, such as choosing two significant numbers, or mixing up series of numbers.  Richard Lustig, a seven-time grand prize lottery winner, advises against using quick-picks, in which the computer does the selecting for you.    He says a guaranteed way to increase the odds is to pick your own numbers and stay with them.

A better method, psychics suggest, is to make your mind receptive to the right energy, to be in the proper state of mind to let your karma take over.

So meditation may be the best way to win the lottery.

Proponents of positive thinking, from Rhonda Byrne to Wayne Dyer, say that exercising one’s inner power of intention can alter reality, the way of tradition and belief in one own powerlessness. Cultivating a vision of success will cause the success to happen.  Physicists acknowledge that the unifying principle of the universe is potentiality.  It is teach that once we intend something to happen, it is like planting a seed in the ground or an embryo in the womb.  Growth and achievement unfold automatically, just as a seed grown into a flower and a fertilized cell into a human being.

Meditation also links us up to the rest of the universe, which adds to our ability to control things.  Some theorists even suggest that considering oneself as “playing the game” with everyone else creates a positive force that is absent when one concentrates on winning to the exclusion of others.

Gamblers rely on focus, concentration, using the mind to manipulate the cards or the roulette wheel  or the slots Some recommend mediating for five to ten minutes before setting foot in the casino.

So no methods or systems have yet to consistently yield winners, it may be best to meditate first, then buy a lottery ticket.







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