Queen Tells Drummers To F… Off

Queen Tells Drummers To F... Off

Well not the Queen exactly; rather Dame Helen Mirren who is playing the queen at this moment at The Gielgud Theatre in London’s East End.

Saturday night in a performance that proved this seasoned and legendary actress practices the adage of “the show must go on” trudged through the Peter Morgan play, The Queen.

Refusing to miss a beat as electricity malfunctions and the overpowering din from street drummers disrupted proceedings. At the intermission, Dame Helen went out to the street and, according to Twitter, told the noisy drummers to clear off.

Although that’s not exactly how the Queen’s English put it, as Twitter reported that she forthrightly told them to leave but with the F word beginning the sentence and not the P word. (Please, if you are confused, I don’t think I need to translate what the F word was)

Despite the second half of the play being noise free from the drumming din that plagued the first half, the electricity still malfunctioned causing the actors problems.

The good Dame Mirren apologised to the audience while the lighting was corrected and explained how she “politely” asked the drummers to leave.

This type of classy talent no doubt went a long way to the standing ovation that the cast received when the troubled play finished.

Written By: Michael Smith

Sources / Supporting Links / Works Cited (If none, please type “none”): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/theatre/10039615/Dame-Helen-Mirrens-outburst-at-noisy-drummers–I-saw-what-shes-really-made-of-says-audience-member.html
Brief description of how and where you uncovered your news story (eg. conducting interviews, investigation, eyewitness etc) : The May 4th performance of The Queen was interrupted by electrical and acoustical problems, but the cast soldiered on to a standing ovation at the end.

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