Rihanna shows the world her sexy chanel pictures

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Rihanna doesn’t seem phased by all the talk that’s going on regarding Amanda Bynes offensive Tweets. If you recall, Bynes said that Rihanna deserved the beating she received from Chris Brown, simply because she’s ugly. Of course, nobody should get away with saying these mean and hurtful things.

Today there is speculation that it wasn’t Amanda who wrote those insults. According to reports, Bynes’ Twitter account was hacked. Naturally, the jury is still out on that excuse.

In the midst of all the fuse, Rihanna decided to show the world her love for Chanel, and how better to show that admiration than posing half naked on a chair, as she posed for a sexy chanel picture. (Tan lines are visible.)

This photo was published, by the singer, on instagram, and is not considered  one of her raciest. (As you will see below there have been far more revealing photo’s. Rihanna also decided to give this photo a bit of a fashion twirl by adding some great updo, hair style, cut off bleached jeans which are certain to be the rage of the summer, along with the Chanel kicks. It’s not certain if Chanel will be interested in working with her.

Rihanna is always in for showing her following of fans more and more skin. Sometimes the photo’s have no real thought behind them. It could be that she’s just getting styled for a photoshoot. The fact that she decides to smoke a little brown cigar or that she is showing off her pert bottom is besides the point.

Rihanna is also prone to wearing a lot of bikini’s. It might be because she’s use to wearing so very little, that she naturally feels comfortable in them. Either way she does make the bikini look good.


A while ago Rihanna published a picture of herself showing off her behind. This picture wasn’t taken by herself so some lucky person got a very nice eye full of the singers booty in real life. The reason that she wanted to show off her one cheek is because she had a tattoo engraved on her body showing her love and support for the marijuana plant. It isn’t a huge secret that she loves this soft drug, and that she has a positive view towards legalizing it in more countries than merely the Netherlands. (Funnily enough The Netherlands are taking a difference stance these days. It’s not so much that they want to make the drug illegal it’s more that they want to prevent celebrities from other countries and tourist from visiting the home of the tulip, and van Gogh, for the sole purpose of consuming the drug).

Rihanna loves to be provocative and to show that she’s definitely “a wild one.” A picture she recently published, shows her half lying on a leather couch wearing nothing more than suspenders, stockings and high heeled ankle boots. Of course she demonstrates her love for smoking in this picture as well, and therefore, is seen sucking on one of her brown cigars. Maybe she just felt tired, threw off her bathrobe, and got snapped by an overly eager assistant.

Maybe sexy Chanel pictures help Rihanna keeps her spirits high so she doesn’t let any negative comments from Amanda get to her.

By Georgina Pijttersen


2 Responses to "Rihanna shows the world her sexy chanel pictures"

  1. Ella   May 28, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    The picture of her butt isn’t even Rihanna . She does not have a tattoo on her lower back. all the pictures going around of her in bikinis at the beach there is not one tattoo on her butt or lower back .

  2. tha OG   May 27, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    She fine as hell


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