Roofing Collapse Kills 13 People at Freeport Company in Indonesia

Before the fateful event occurred as many as 40 workers were in the the classroom at the time of the incident on Tuesday (05/14/2013) at 07.30 AM.

When the annual refresher training had been completed in the underground mine an avalanche of the tunnel in BIG GOSSAN classroom soon followed trapping all participant in the mine located at the Freeport Company in Papua Province, Indonesia.

As many as 15 employees were evacuated from BIG GOSSAN classroom according to the President’s Special Staff of Social Assistance and Natural Disasters.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources sent an observer team immediately to conduct the inspection that consisted of one Sub Director from the Mineral and Coal Mining Safety team and three Inspector teams on Tuesday (14/5/2013)

As many as 9 people were killed, which was discovered by the search and rescue on Sunday (19/5/2013).

The search for victims of the Roofing Collapsed continued until early morning on Monday (20/5/2013). A total of 13 people lost their lives.

According to Gede Sumerta Jaya, Public Relations Officer, as many as 23 people had been evacuated or rescued.

Local victims of the collapse will be buried at Tembagapura; and those from other parts of the country will be returned to their families.

It appears that every effort had been made by Freeport Company owner Mimika, to assist in the process of moving employees to safety and medical treatment. A number of injured employees were taken to Tembagapura hospital to receive medical treatment.

Written By: PURWATI
Sources / Supporting Links / Works Cited (If none, please type “none”): Metro TV of Indonesia, (Official Site of Public Relations Ministry Of Mineral Resources/Es )

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