Scott DesJarlais Won Re-election for Seat in House of Representatives

Scott DesJarlais platform was based on his pro-life policy, and family values

Hypocricy and DesJarlais

In 2012 Scott DesJarlais won his re-election bid for his seat in the House of Representatives with ease.  Representing the state of Tennessee, his platform was based on his pro-life policy, and family values.

Last year the Huffington Post exposed infidelities which were documented in his 2001 divorce documents.

DesJarlais is a medical doctor.  Thursday, Tennessee medical authorities found him guilty of inappropriate sexual acts with two patients.  They levied an equal fine for each act, a whopping $250 each!  Well, after all, it is Tennessee, and he is a Republican.  (A Democrat would certainly have had his medical license taken away, and be labeled as a repeat sexual offender.)

One of the patients he had sexual encounters with became pregnant.  The pro-life, family values Congressman reportedly urged her to get an abortion.

The complaints against DesJarlais were filed by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics.

“This decision demonstrates that Tennessee’s ban on sexual exploitation of patients is essentially meaningless,” Melanie Sloan, the group’s executive director, said in a statement. “Doctors in the Volunteer State can freely prey on patients with little fear of repercussions.”

Once again the men of this ‘red state’ prove that women are third class citizens.  This unbelievable and disgusting ‘slap on the wrists’ is unconscionable. It’s time that a new category is added to the ballot.  There should be a minimum of three:  Republican, Democrat, and Hypocrite.

“There are more expensive traffic tickets,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan. “Tennessee authorities apparently believe sexual exploitation of women is less serious than speeding.”

CREW has also filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

“Despite the fact that Rep. DesJarlais’s conduct is a clear-cut violation of Tennessee law, state authorities gave him a pass,” Sloan said. “Let’s hope the Office of Congressional Ethics, which is also considering a complaint against Rep. DesJarlais, takes a dimmer view of his outrageous misconduct.”

In a diversionary tactic, he called the situation “politically motivated”.  He claimed that in 20 years of medical practice he had never received a complaint.  (That anyone is aware of.  Were there others that were not formally filed?)

Fortunately, for the male voters of Tennessee, DesJarlais already has to rivals for his seat in next year’s primary.  They have both raised significantly larger amounts of campaign funds in the first quarter than has the “good doctor”.

Lest anyone forgets, DesJarlais entire campaign was based on anti-abortion, and family values ideals.  Documents obtained from his 2001 divorce released the week after the election showed he admitted to eight affairs; encouraged a lover to get an abortion, which he publicly opposes; and used a gun to intimidate his ex-wife during an argument.

The sworn testimony also revealed for the first time that the congressman had agreed when his ex-wife had two abortions.

As the late Chris Farley used to say:  “Well la-di-frickin-da.”

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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