Selena Gomez steps out on Justin Bieber with Jaden Smith (video)


Selena Gomez, 20, stepped out this past Thursday to have dinner at Hakkasan restaurant with Jaden Smith, 14, in London. Even though two of their close friends were also with them, this immediately sparked rumors that there might be a romance in the air between these two young stars.  Some people, though,  believe Selena is using Jaden as a way to make her former love interest, Justin Bieber, jealous.

Jaden, who is actually a very good friend of Bieber’s, was in London to promote his latest movie, a sci-fi thriller called “After Earth.” His father, Will Smith, also is featured in the flick. Jaden is one of today’s hottest young actors, and Selena has been known for being attracted to younger guys, like Justin Bieber, who is 19.

Selena wore a long black coat, matching a black sheer dress she had on underneath it. Jaden was also fashionably attired, wearing a black trench coat, white striped collar shirt and black-and-white Nikes, as they dined together.

On Wednesday, Selena had tweeted to her millions of fans, saying that “I am not sure if I am sick or ate some bad food but, I feel horrible.”

This added fuel to the fire of other rumors that have been suggested regarding the possibility that Gomez might be pregnant. This also raised the question that, if Selena  is pregnant, who might the father be — possibly the Biebs?

By Thursday, Selena appeared to be feeling much better, and to be her usual charming self, as she dined with Hollywood heartthrob Jaden.

Selena is definitely having an eventful trip to London. She and Jaden had both just been guests on The Graham Norton Show. On that popular BBC program, she had performed a rocking rendition of her song “Come & Get It.”

Gomez and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber were seen together recently at the Billboard Music Awards 2013. Selena had broken up with Biebe in January, but seeing them together led people to speculate that their romance might be back on track once again. That night, Bieber won the award for Top Male Artist, and the Milestone Award.

Will Smith, who was also there with Jaden and Selena, seems to have a stable love life. He’s dating Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie Jenner.  Whether Gomez will pursue her potentially budding romance with Jaden, however, or perhaps will go back to dating Justin Bieber, is a matter of conjecture.

Selena and Jaden were seen headed after their dinner together to the nightclub Boujis. They reportedly intended to watch Jaden’s half-brother, Trey, DJ at the club. However, they were turned away at the door because Jaden didn’t met the popular hangout’s age restrictions.

Below is a chance for you to view Selena’s stunning performance of “Come & Get It,”  from The Graham Norton Show, if you haven’t yet seen it — or if you have, watch it again — and relive the moment in its full intensity and magic.


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