Seven Hints to Develop the Attitude of “Just Do It”

Seven Hints to Develop the Attitude of "Just Do It"Written By: Evelyn Guy

Things often go wrong. Sometimes it seems life is full of crises. It seems just when things start to get better, another crisis happens. Successful people experience the same crises that others do. So, what is their secret to handling life’s crises? Why are they successful while others are not? They are successful because the “just do it” and do whatever is necessary to turn those crises around. What do they do?

Successful people seem to “have it all together”. They have smoothly running businesses, positive bank statements, they dress with success, and further, they seem to not have a trial in the world. But guess what? Looking at successful people can be deceiving. They all have struggled through numerous trials and “failures”. So, why are they looking like a business success, while others are at the point of giving up, or have already given up? The difference is that they “just do it” and move.

What did they do differently? They do seven things that set them apart for success instead of failure. What are those seven things?

1. They put the event(s) into perspective. Yes, “failure” hurts. But, in the overall scheme, what does this mean to you or your business? Does this mean you cannot conduct the business anymore? Or, will you merely be delayed? Many successful people had built a certain level of business, only to have the whole thing crash and they had to start over. So, they “just do it.” They decide EXACTLY what an event or apparent failure means. Can you start over? Does this thing mean “the end” for you? Or, can you “just do it” and move on past the crisis?

2. They examine the cause/effect of the event. For example, did the failure happen because of laziness and not doing what was needed to be successful? If so, successful people realize they have to “just do it” and change what they can control. If the crisis was caused through no fault of their own, successful people learn to live with it and move on. They find out what they can do to change the event and then “just do it.”
If the event was caused because of something that should have been done, but they had no knowledge of the needed action, successful people learn from the failure and then “just do it” and change what needs to be changed.

3. They find a lesson in each failure or crisis. They ask, “What can be done to prevent this from happening again?” They examine the weakness in either the business or themselves that allowed the event to reach the proportion it did and then “just do it” and work to strengthen that weakness. They realize that there is something to be learned from each and every event.

4. They write down three things they could do differently to “fix” the problem. They didn’t just think about it, they committed it to paper. Then, they “just do it” and solve those three problems. They don’t try to solve everything wrong with the world or their business. They just focus on those three things.

5. They re-examine their goals and time management techniques. Maybe they have set their goals too high, or maybe they set them too low. That will also bring failure (or at least lack of full potential). What about the time spent on certain actions? They make sure they are spending time wisely and then “just do it.”

6. They write an action plan for recovery. When failure comes, or even minor crises, the tendency is to give up, to crawl into a shell and lick those wounds (don’t you just love those clichés?). The idea is, you tend to ignore things and give up for a time. But, successful people “just do it” and immediately write a plan of action for recovery from the set back. They write it down!

7. Successful people who experience setbacks, crises, or failures do ONE thing differently from the general population that really turns the chain of events around to success. They “just do it” and change something. They do something differently.

So, when thing go wrong, “just do it” and do ONE thing differently, and you will get different results. You have heard the saying, if you do the same thing tomorrow as you do today, expect the same results. If you don’t like the results, then change the action. So, when things go wrong, do what successful people do: Follow these seven hints and “just do it.”

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  1. Maria   May 4, 2013 at 8:52 am

    One can’t expect change unless they make a change. Good tips that aren’t difficult to remember but often are easily forgotten in the daily bustle.


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