Social Media Powered Car Made by High Schoolers

A group of high schoolers in Kansas City have built a car that runs on social media
A group of high schoolers in Kansas City have built a car that runs on social media

When you’re in high school social media at times can seem like it is powering your life, well now it can actually power the very car you drive. The invention, created by a group of high school students in a Kansas City after school program called MINDDRIVE. Tweets, Facebook likes, and Instagram views actually give the car the power it needs to move.

High school is a place where your social life is everything, a single status or post on a social media site can become the subject of conversation for the entire school. It is also a time when gas costs can eat up a massive part of your budget. A group of high school students in Kansas City have fixed this problem by powering their remade 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia to charge up with each post made.

The engine of the car was rebuilt by students to run on electricity to start. After successfully rebuilding this classic Volkswagen into an electric engine, not exactly the easiest task in itself, the student took their project to another level. They developed a machine which they placed into the engine that monitors the posts of various social media sites, and harnesses those very posts as its power source.

Every social media post that is made by students in the school is routed through a server that then transfers the message to the car. The machine inside the engine then transfers this into ‘social media fuel’ which allows the car to harness enough power to start. If social media isn’t active enough, the car can actually lose its ability to run.

MINDDRIVE consisted of a group of thirty students in two classes, from five area high schools collaborating with one another. Steve Reese, head of the project, said this effort saw twice as many students as last year’s program and hopes that this will springboard future participation.

Trips around the city to educational events and museums have already proven the capabilities the car has to get around on social media power, however the students are planning on taking their car all the way to Washington to prove just how powerful social media is.

The trip, which will start on May 31st and last til June 6th if all goes according to plan, could use your help in powering the car across the country. If you would like to assist the students and give them a bit of juice, you can send them a tweet of support @MINDDRIVE or use the #MINDDRIVE hashtag on Twitter. If you prefer Facebook, a simple ‘like’ or comment on their MINDDRIVE page also will provide them with a boost of energy.

Perhaps the strangest form of alternative energy to emerge yet, it has so far proven effective, an impressive accomplishment for a group of students in high school. This project has most importantly been worth it for the students. One student, Kelvin Duley has learned an important life lesson from the project, telling local news¬†¬†“I guess, this car has changed my perspective about how much a degree or education matters.” (Baynews 9).

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