Superman How Does He Shave (Video)

Superman How does he shave

With the Man of Steel, aka Superman coming to cinema screens this summer in one of the most anticipated blockbusters this year, a question has come up. How does he shave? This is actually a pretty good question and it’s a question that’s not been asked before. (Well, not that we know of anyway.)

But Gillette, those makers of razors, blades and shaving creme/foam/gel have asked the question and they’ve turned to the world’s man-of-steel experts to find an an answer. When you’ve got the world’s strongest man, who has to have, logically, the worlds strongest beard; how the heck does he get rid of it?

You could say that Superman is so tough that there’s no way that even “super-hair” is going to grow through the skin that bullets bounce off of. But apart from some Kryptonite infused razor there has got to be some way of trimming his five o’clock shadow.

This summer the Warner Bros. new version of Superman will hit our cinema screens, cunningly renamed Man of Steel in order to avoid any confusion with previous film versions of the red-caped super hero, we see a young Clark Kent go from stubbly to shaven.

Since the world could be downright puzzled at this sudden lack of hair, Gillette started the shaving ball rolling by asking for a little help from a Westport, Connecticut advertising agency – Concept One Communications who then asked a few friends to help answer this hairy question.

The answer to “Superman” how does he shave?” might just be a pair of Kryptonite tweezers that pluck the super strong hairs out by the root, but hey, Gillette doesn’t make tweezers; do they.

So discarding the tweezer theory (my personal one by the way) These knowledgable comic book luminaries included such experts as director Kevin Smith, TV science show host Bill Nye, MythBusters’ Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, and The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik – who just happens to be a neuroscientist -to present their theories on how Superman shaves.

The partnership of Gillette and Concept One Communications have produced a series of videos (available on YouTube) wich fall under the apt title of HowDoesHeShave and can be found on the website as well as YouTube.

Each of these experts put forward their own ideas of how the Man of Steel handles the problem of follicle gestation and the theory’s differ as much as would be expected by a group of different “experts.”

Kevin Smith says that a blade constructed from a piece of Superman’s rocket could do the job. Bill Nye considers the possibility of a course material that grinds rather than cuts Kryptonian-grade facial hair.

Jamie Hyneman’s suggestion is that you’d have to create tiny wormholes with the Large Hadron Collider that would transport the man-of-steel whiskers to another universe.

Then you have Bialik’s argument for denaturing the Kryptonian proteins that hold the hair follicles in place. She likes the idea so much that she hints that certain celebrity women are already working on a denaturing product that could work on their hair issues.

All four of the experts’ ideas are up on the website today. There you can see all the ideas and vote for your favorite one or using #HowDoesHeShave you can come up with your own ideas and post them on Twitter.

So if the age old question of Superman, how does he shave has ever crossed your mind check out the videos for an answer. Below is the video by neuroscientist/actress Mayim Bialik to just give you an idea of what to expect from the other experts’ videos.

By Michael Smith


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