Train Derailed Explosion Rocks Rosedale, Maryland


Train Derailed Explosion Rocks Rosedale, MarylandA freight train derailed near Rosedale, Maryland Tuesday, causing an explosion which knocked pictures off the wall, caused cracks in the plaster, and loosened shingles.  Smoke from the accident could be seen as far away as Baltimore.

Several industrial building collapsed in the area, but it did not appear that the train came in contact with them.  An aerial view showed several train cars on their side.  It did not appear that firemen were attempting to extinguish the blaze.

The explosion was strong enough that windows were cracked miles away.  A McDonald’s, over two miles away from the incident was shaken with such force that it was closed.

The accident happened around 2 p.m. ET.  There are no reports of injury, but there was a report of an individual trapped in the wreckage.  It was unclear if the person was on the train or in one of the damaged buildings.

On Twitter, scores of people reported feeling a “shockwave” as far away as Canton and Pasadena. “Dogs and I all jumped. Neighbor said her curtains blew in!” one Patterson Parkresident wrote.

This makes the third accident in a year involving a train in Maryland.  Last August a train carrying coal derailed and two people were crushed under the debris in Ellicott City.  There was also a derailment in Elkton in which liquid sulfuric acid leaked from train cars.  No one was injured, and the NTSB did not investigate the accident.

Two employees of a seafood restaurant felt the strength of the explosion.

“It was enough to scare the leaving bejesus out of you,” said one employee, reached by phone shortly after the explosion. He cut the interview short and said employees would be evacuating. No customers were inside at the time.

Another employee said the explosion “felt like a bomb going off” and compared it to the major earthquake two years ago.

“It was worse than the earthquake,” she said.

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