North Caroline Teen Mom Caitlin Tiller Yearbook Photo Banned

Teen Mom’s Yearbook Photo Banned
Teen Mom’s Yearbook Photo Banned

By Dawn Cranfield

Teen Mom’s Yearbook Photo Banned

Senior, Caitlin Tiller, of Wheatmore High School in Trinity, North Carolina, has been cut out of her alma maters’ annual because she was holding her son in the photo.  Tiller’s picture was banned from the yearbook just days before publication.

The young mother, who graduated from Wheatmore in December, is now a college freshman.  Tiller was given the opportunity to replace the offending picture with one of her alone or using another prop as some of the other students had done.

Some students used sports equipment, musical instruments, or pets as props to signify their personalities, their interests, and their accomplishments.  Tiller opted to pose with her son, claiming he is her biggest success.

“He helped me get to where I am today,” says Tiller of her 1-year-old-son.  “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.  He has

Teen Mom’s Yearbook Photo Banned
Caitlin Tiller’s Banned Photo

helped me achieve my goal to graduate high school and go forward with my dreams.” (

The teen mom says she has never worked as hard as she has since giving birth to her son.  She graduated from high school earlier than anticipated, in December, then began going to college in January.  In addition, Tiller works a part-time job, working over 30 hours a week while still taking care of her son.

School officials see it differently, however, they believe the photo of Tiller and her son promotes teen pregnancy instead of parental responsibility.  Decision makers at the school notified her they would not be publishing the photo just two days prior to publication of the yearbook.

Karen Morgan, Tiller’s mother sides with Tiller regarding her daughter’s accountability, “She took responsibility. They should be proud that the students are willing to stay in school, graduate and make something of themselves and not try and hide it.” (

School officials did not make further comment regarding the issue, other than their decision was final.  Tiller did have the option to submit another picture for her school’s yearbook, but declined; she opined that if the school was not proud of her and her accomplishments, she would rather be omitted from the publication.

At a time when so many other teenagers are celebrated for being teenaged parents by shows such as Pregnant at 16 and Teen Mom where some of the worst scenarios are glorified, it seems the administration has it all wrong here.   This mother graduated early, is going to college, and is working 30 hours a week; something a lot of adults cannot manage to accomplish.

Teen Mom’s Yearbook Photo Banned
Wheatmore High School, Trinity North Carolina

Eliminating Tiller from the yearbook is an archaic idea based on theories from a long ago era when families consisted of 2.4 children, a dog, 2 parents, a stay-at-home mom, and a station wagon.  Oh, and do not forget the white picket fence.

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