The American Paradigm – does it really support Life and the Pursuit of Happiness?


Does the American paradigm support life and pursuit of happiness? I question this every time I look at the news and see the statistics of who is reading what. I am amazed when I notice that people care more about Miranda Kerr and her boobs than they do about issues of health and life. What’s more, the topics that line the headlines center around dis-empowering subjects more than the contrary.

Think about this – is it more empowering to find out about a new drug – made by a drug company that wants to make billions of dollars off of you – that may ‘help’ the condition you have? Or, to learn about ways to heal yourself, protect yourself and give you tools to take control of your own health? Is it more empowering to hear about people who have performed heinous crimes and the ways they are being punished – or to find out about someone who is really making a difference in the world doing something consciously positive?

I ask because I know that there are both kinds of stories that circulate, though it seems that the less empowering ones rule the media.

What is the American paradigm that I speak of – the one in question in regards to our happiness? Well, in this country we have the majority of people working 9-5 jobs, at places they largely dislike, earning less than enough to support their families who are eating less than quality, packaged, processed, chemically treated foods sold in the guise of ‘healthy’- stamped with approval from an organization endorsed by drug companies and politicians – the drug companies we buy into initially and the politicians we distrust. Then we go to the doctor and follow instructions from someone who has a lower mortality rate than nearly any other profession, prescribing drugs you don’t need that either they wouldn’t take, or are taking way too many of themselves, only to be told that the treatment ordered for the disease you likely have is going to cost you exorbitant amounts of money. So, you take the treatment for which there are healthier, less expensive alternatives to, which causes other ailments, and should you opt to no longer enlist in the medical system, after finding out how incredibly misled it is, you then get slapped with lawsuits for negligence if it’s for your children, or at the very least get ridiculed and scolded by your peers in white jackets by choosing self-empowerment. Should you end up in court for trying to stand up for your own personal beliefs and protect the lives of those you love dearly and care for- more than yourself, you come against a system that is ill-designed to do anything more than follow the letter of the law, closing their ears to the heart of the matter streaming through from a deeper place than medicine, hospitals and legal issues. If you make it through all of this, you might go to your local grocery store, lined with the packaged processed foods, largely laced with chemicals and unnatural flavors where you will hardly make eye contact with other humans there, and then repeat sound bites at the register where you will exchange plastic or paper for paper or plastic and a long receipt.

I know that’s a lot. I could go on and on. I am disheartened by a country full of people interested in gossip, over their limitless potential as humans. I am saddened by stories of gloom overshadowing miraculous moments of life.

If we could re-design TODAY the way we live our lives, without concern for money or old systems – how would it look? If we could live from our highest expression of truth as an empowered human amongst other empowered humans, what would be the design?

Consider the ideal system for health – not sprouting from an existing healthcare module- but one that would be self-sustaining, empowering to the individuals and nearly without cost.

Consider education that was not boxed into classrooms, but interactive with life, the community and the ever evolving universe.

Consider relationships with friend and stranger a like that honored the spirit of goodness within them first and longed to know more deeply the being behind the eyes.

Consider leisure time sprouting wings to become fulfilling ventures of pleasureful work that involved togetherness, harmony and love.

Consider a world where this was true everywhere and discrimination did not exist.

Am I dreaming? Would this ever be possible? Gandhi once said “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World.” I believe he was 100% correct. We can change no one but our self. We can control no one but our own being. When individually we begin to see the world with new eyes and put energy and attention on what we want to see and experience more of, we will. When many of us do this, communities will transform, countries will change, the world will morph into a place we have never known.

So I ask you again – Does the American paradigm really support life and the pursuit of happiness? If your answer is no – are you part of the change? If you answered yes. Wonderful. Enjoy your beautiful life.

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